Michelle Alexander eloquently explains the prison industrial complexes social control of black males. Jim Crow has morphed over the centuries from bond labor,slavery,share cropping and now staggering incarceration rates. Many social variables explain this phenomenon. The war on crime, the war on drugs and the “Southern Strategy” were all designed by right-wing conservatives to maintain social control of black men.

  • Stunning.


    When I listen to Michelle Alexander I hear a collection of FLAWED THEORIES that point to the reason why the success in POLITICS has not translated into actual benefit in addressing what she points out.

    We only need to look at Wayne County MI, Philadelphia County PA or Fulton County GA to see “Mission Accomplished Places” where EVERY SINGLE SEAT in the criminal justice system is controlled by a “Favorable Person” and STILL the outcomes as it relates to the arrest and incarceration of Black males is no different than what is seen in the most racist part of Mississippi today.

    I have listened to many interviews with Ms Alexander and note that once someone challenges her on her model – she merely pull out another INDICTMENT to which she demands those who question her to answer.

    I challenge Her and YOU to explain – why, if RACISM is the underlying reason for this situation – places that are run by people who received 50%+1 support from the Black community STILL have these “racist” problems?

    She is loathed to talk about the failed strategy to provide the human resources more of a purpose in connection with their community.

    • Jim Dirlam

       I think you make Michelle Alexander’s point.  The propaganda for the war on drugs has affected all people in a color blind way.  The educated decision makers of all races have been duped into believing in the War on Drugs.  The resultant mass incarceration has not improved our nation.  It is time for a national conversation on this subject.  Alexander’s points stand on their own.

      • recovered

        Thank you for your intelligent response. Please come back and visit soon.


  • Blanche Alba White

    If there wasn’t so much black crime, there wouldn’t be so many blacks incarcerated. 

  • monkeymom2dd

    The Southern Strategy is not so much a product of right-wing conservatives as it is a movement stemming from the Democrats that left the Democratic Party to create the Dixiecrats, which was supportive of reintroducing segregation.  With the rhetoric of a few Republicans (which I would not say were necessarily representative of all Republicans), these Democrats sought to pull support for the idea of states rights, not so much for the reduction of a large federal government, but to allow the South to reinstate their laws of segregation.  

    Civil Rights stems from the Republican Party.  Originally, the Civil Rights of 1875 was proposed by Republicans and signed into law by Republican President Grant.  However, following the election of 1876 in what I consider to be one of the stupidest political decisions EVER the Republicans consented to end the enforcement of the Civil Rights Act of 1875 in 1877 in order to win the support of Racist Democrats.  The Republicans did have their hand forced a bit by the White League and the Red Shirts.

    I think that it is a huge disservice that this vision of the Republicans as Segregationist and Racists has come forth.  The vast majority of Republicans follow those sentiments of the party from 1875 in the support of ending segregation.  It is very unfortunate that the sentiment of States Rights translates to Segregation rather than to State autonomy.  The Constitution clearly, as amended by the 14th Amendment in 1868, supports equal rights.  This was the Republicans effort to ensure that for ALL states, regardless of each individual states rights, because the Constitution in The 10th Amendment, specifies that UNLESS expressly included or excluded in the Constitution, States are free to use their governmental powers as they see fit.  Thus, because of the 14th Amendment, there, theoretically, should have been no need for Civil Rights Acts as the power to suppress those rights had been removed from the States and assigned to the Federal Government.  However, because the behavior of the Democrats against the blacks were so incredibly egregious, it was necessary to take the additional step of creating the Civil Rights Act of 1875.  Unfortunately, the Democrats had their way, and effective overturned that decision through political machinations to which the Republicans acquiesced.  

    By 1948, the Democrats were being forced through political pressure to accept that those concepts and ideals of the Civil Rights Act in order to maintain control over the government.  Thus those that were so incredibly racist as to not be able to consider not fighting for segregation formed that hateful group referred to as Dixiecrats.  While the Dixiecrats as an individual party were short-lived and they were forced to consent to the Democrats compromising on segregation, realigned themselves with the Democrats until such time as the reemergence of the concept of strong states rights was proposed by Republicans (which was done in an effort to reduce the size of the Federal Government) was seized as an opportunity to find a way, albeit still illegal within the context of the Constitution, to strive to reestablish segregation.

    Keep in mind as well the vote split on the 1964 Civil Rights Act:

    80% of Republicans supported the Act
    69% of Democrats supported the Act

    In the South there were only 10 Republicans to 94 Democrats.  Only 7 in the South voted to support the Act (they were Democrats).

    Thus I suggest that those that are viewed as “right-wing” are not so much “right-wing” as they are racist.  True right wing individuals support equal rights, freedom, and individuality.  True right wing is more toward Libertarian or Minarchy with the minimal amount of government necessary to ensure the freedom of all.  Libertarians would argue that drugs should be legalized which would completely eliminate this situation.

  • Laurel

    Or couldn’t it just be that a lot of black men perform criminal acts? You must admit there is a strong criminal culture amoung poor black men.  

    • Recovered2

      So tell me, how many poor black men do you know????? I grew up poor and never resorted to crime. Went to college earned two degrees and now I’m part of the 1%.

      Bottom line, justice is not blind. There is a disparity in the way justice is meted out against blacks. I have never had any run-ins with the law, not because I’m an angel, but because I never wanted to give the white man a reason to throw me in a cage!


      • Jim

         Laws are aimed at people.  Say low and don’t ever do anything they might get you for, whether it’s looking wrong at a woman, or being “furtive”.  Yeah, that should work

        • recovered

          Let’s not get it twisted… I’m a moral man and teach my children the same. Bottom-line, it’s not worth it to get caught up in the criminal justice system given the systemic institutional racism there-in.

  • nkijsa

    if there were equal education, social, mental and health services in black communities, there would be less crime. it’s a cycle of oppression.