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Political Discourse is at an all time low. Extremists feel comfortable openly threatening our president. Help move us forward, not take the country back to the dark ages of intolerance.

We got him! President Obama and his administration did what Bush couldn’t do – Get Bin Laden! Help re-elect President Obama in 2012!

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The right keeps yelling they want to take “their” country back (to the 1800’s) We want to move it forward! Join us in this pursuit!


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    YOU MAKE A LOT OF SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justplainright


  • monkeymom2dd

    What does getting Bin Laden have to do with getting re-elected?  Unemployment is still out of control despite the hundreds of millions spent on stimulus.  The education system isn’t improving for our children, if anything, education continues to fall when compared to other countries.  While we used to be 1st in education, we have dropped significantly from that position in the last 25 years.  

    What is Obama doing to make America competitive against our largest economic competitors, China and India?  Let’s face facts, there’s a reason so many companies out-source to China and India – they get better product for less money.  The average call center operator in India has a Master’s Degree.  These are bright, intelligent, hard-working individuals – and they are taking jobs away from America.  What is Obama doing for the American worker?  Major U.S. companies are looking to move out of the States since corporate taxes are now the highest in the world.  They can go to Germany, Sweden, and nearly anywhere in Europe and pay significantly less in corporate taxes.

    What has Obama accomplished for the people?  The healthcare plan is a huge *fail* on my end.  As a result of the changes, our insurance cost has tripled since the first phase implementation of the healthcare plan was enacted.  What’s going to happen as the additional phases occur?  How high will our health insurance costs increase?  What incentive is there for businesses to continue to provide insurance plans?  The penalties for failing to provide insurance is significantly less than the cost of providing insurance.  

    I want to see America turn around.  I want to see all Americans working and being prosperous.  I want to see all children learning to read, write, and do math.  I want the world to want to buy US products that are made solely in the US.  I want to see everybody eating healthy meals and getting plenty of exercise.  I just don’t think Obama (or any candidate for that matter) is going to accomplish that task.  Right now the choice seems between sucks and sucks more.  

    For crying out freakin’ loud, Obama can’t even get his own party to pass the budget he proposed!  All he needs to pass the damn thing is the support of his own party and that isn’t happening.  How?  How can this man make anything better?  He certainly hasn’t done anything to change corporate greed.  He hasn’t done anything to stop the corruption within unions so that union employees can truly get the benefits they deserve.  He hasn’t done a single thing to create any sort of bridge between the political parties.  If anything, he has a f*** them attitude about the GOP.  What was it he said, He doesn’t need congress, he’ll just execute an executive order.  He doesn’t have time for congress.

    “President Obama: “Well, what we’re going to have to do is continue to make progress on the economy over the next several months. And where Congress is not willing to act, we’re going to go ahead and do it ourselves. But it would be nice if we could get a little bit of help from Capitol Hill.” ”

    Call me crazy.  I thought that we had a three-fold system in the USA of the Cogress, the President and the Supreme Court.  If Obama doesn’t need Congress, then why does he need voters?  He can just go ahead and do it himself.  

    Under Obama, my utilities bills have tripled.  My water bill used to be $20/month.  It’s at $80 now.  My electricity bill used to be $125/mo.  Now it is $267 AND I’VE REDUCED MY CONSUMPTION SIGNIFICANTLY.  

    So please, share your wisdom on how Obama is the best choice and how things are going to get better with him as president for another 4 years.  I’m just not seeing it.  I think all the options suck.

    • JACK

      You know, it costs less to make things in china because the people live in tiny boxes and make like 10 dollars a day..

      • MonkeyMom2dd

        You are obviously not paying attention to what is going on in China. They are the fastest growing economy, the government is keeping their money worth something, and they are buying homes, cars, and everything else. America’s dollar is losing value like crazy. The cost of gasoline in economies where they are not experience the severe devaluation of their money is remaining fairly steady over the last 5 or 6 years. But because our government is printing money like crazy, each dollar buys less than the dollar before it. The Chinese people are seeing their lives improve dramatically. The jobs that they are having now are significantly improved over 20 years ago. Their standard of living has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. Instead of sending their family members to foreign countries to make money, they are able to keep their family members in their own country. And in 20 years, their standard of living will be much higher. In the meantime, our standard of living will continue to decrease. Of course that is how it has to be if we want to have the same standard of living around the world. The rich countries will have to become poorer so that the poor countries can have more. That is what Obama is striving for.

  • Christina Maclane

    Wrong. Take it back means take back the pride and patriotism we used to have. Not racism. It’s also against two men adopting a little boy, or taking advantage of a surrogate womb in an impoverished nation and calling it a family. Vote Dr. Carson!

    And SEALS got Bin Laden, not the military reducing Hussein Obama.