Are we Islamophobes Definitely!

As the controversy swirls over the construction of a new mosque at ground zero Americans are whipped into a lather about Moslems, Islam or anything vaguely related to terrorists. Sadly, we have become more intolerant and Xenophobic over any and everything that is not white Christian.

We as a people [Americans] have become very selective about who we exclude or not deem as eligible to participate in every day American life. To this day, there are white, right wing extremist groups that claim to be God fearing Christians – or Islamophobes.

Take the KKK, White Citizens councils of the sixties, The Aryan Nation to name a few. Can you imagine if African-Americans condemned all whites because of a few right wing extremists? We don’t denounce Christianity because the Klan claims to be Christian. Most sane rational people would view that is insane!

So why do we do it with Moslems and Islam? Good question. The main reason I believe we are so intolerant of the Moslem world is that it is a mystery to most of us. Even though Islam has been around longer than Christianity it confuses and confounds us.

We conveniently forget about our hypocrisy with Christian ideals that supposedly include all of us. There are African Americans over the age of 60 that remember the terrorism they suffered at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan. Their homes and churches burned to the ground and in some cases murdered for no other reason than being black.

It would have been more humane to just shoot a lynching victim. Often times the victim of a lynching was disemboweled castrated and burned alive. Al-Qaida and Taliban have nothing on the backwards rednecks who perpetrated these horrible crimes against African-Americans.

For those of you who say, oh that was a long time ago. I beg to differ; a black man was drug behind a pickup truck in South Carolina this past June! The suspect was arrested after a trail of blood and human tissue led to the suspect’s trailer park – literally! Given our countries history on race and the growing racial tension since Mr. Obama has been president, I’m more worried about Al-Cracker not Al-Qaida!

Sadly what fueled these horrific crimes going back to the conclusion of the civil war was the perceived loss of white supremacy. If there was a perceived threat [to white supremacy] lynchings would escalate accordingly.

America’s original sin [slavery] and its ugly history of lynchings pose an inconvenient truth. One we don’t want to face as we shake our finger at others for human rights atrocities. Until we confront this ugly truth we will continue to have problems on race and intolerance in this country.

Ground zero was visited daily in many places in the Deep South from the end of the civil war until the very recent past. In fact many older blacks shake their heads in disgust over how disingenuous we are about terrorism and those who wield it as a form of control.

Sadly, the United States government never passed an anti-lynching law – As to not offend southern sensibilities. Are you kidding me? In fact, since Barack Obama has been president hate groups have grown 400% in this country. Too bad Fox news doesn’t report that!

There is a growing chorus among some whites in this country that they want their country back. It has always been their country as well as all Americans. The simple fact of the matter is American is changing faster than they like. Within a generation or two America will predominately be black and brown ; for some that is more than they can bear.

While we all grieve for those lost on September 11th we can’t trump the constitution for the sake of anti-Moslem hostilities. I hope and pray that American never suffers such an attack again. I’m no expert on Islam. From what I have discussed with my Moslem friends; Islam is a religion of peace.

We can’t paint all Moslems with the same broad brush. No more than we can do the same with white Christians because of the Klan or any other right wing extremist group. My hope is that America will rise to the occasion and live up to its ideal of freedom for all as promised in the constitution.