Barack Obama and Birthers

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Birthers lose Obama wins
Obama was born in America!

Barack Obama is an American citizen! Enough already with the kooky birthers and their insane charges leveled against President Obama. Perhaps they would be happy if the state of Hawaii could produce pictures or video showing Obama as he came out of the womb with the placenta attached and Don Ho in the background playing Hawaiian music on his ukulele.

We have three wars going, a fragile economy, nuclear disaster in Japan and air traffic controllers taking siestas placing us all in danger. Come on people, we have much bigger fish to fry. Given the hand Barack Obama was dealt, he is doing an admirable job, all things considered.

The birthers, and now Donald Trump are calling to see Mr. Obama’s birth certificate. This is a tired side-show that is a distraction from our real problems. President Obama was thoroughly vetted, he has shown his birth certificate; end of story! The birthers antics just may help get Mr. Obama re-elected. The sane among us will grow evermore tired of the birther shenanigans and re-elect Mr. Obama in a landslide. I can hear the birhters screaming now!

It’s amazing how our standards for president change depending on who you’re talking about. During Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (CA) first term when he was the darling of California and national politics, there was talk of how could the U.S. constitution be amended so that Mr. Schwarzenegger could run for president, since he was born in Austria and not in the U.S.! I wonder if they (birthers) would have considered an amendment to the constitution if his name had been, Arnulfo Sanchez? I don’t think so!

Actually the right-wing of the GOP have actually considered amending the 14th amendment of the constitution so they can deport American-born children of undocumented immigrants; namely Latino immigrants. Doing so would be nothing more than a xenophobic, racist knee-jerk reaction to America getting a little more “brown” than they (GOP and birthers) can handle.

Mr. Obama, the son of an immigrant is sensitive to the plight of Latino immigrants. This may be part and parcel why the right-wing (and birthers) of the Republican party are coming down so hard on Mr. Obama. This fact, endears him (Obama) to the Latino electorate and they (GOP and birthers) know it.

Mr. Obama has always attempted to reach across the isle and work with the other side. All too often, he just seems to get his hand slapped. President Obama has done everything possible to work with Republicans, short of using bleach! This writer can’t understand all the rancor when it comes to Mr. Obama. He and the democrats do what they do best in negotiations with the GOP – FOLD! The GOP draws the line in the sand and the Democrats don’t dare cross it; Give me a break. The Democrats and President Obama have become such accomodationists when it comes to the will of the Republicans. So who is really winning and what are the birthers and tea party griping about?

Michele Bachman, the chair of the Tea Party caucus in the house is definitely pushing the birther agenda. Instead of smoke-screening more pertinent and relevant issues, they should try and work closer with Mr. Obama. It doesn’t appear that is going to happen anytime soon. Now that the 2012 campaign is starting to take flight, there will be more demagoguery and fear-mongering than you can shake a stick at. Trust me, the Republicans are experts at this. They will play on white Americas fears of a Negro/Latino nation and scare the hell out of middle America and the suburbs. The birthers will be there throwing gasoline on the fire to create even more dissension.

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “We will stand together as brothers or perish together as fools.” His words ring just as true today as they did when he first spoke them. The world has grown smaller and more dangerous. We are not the dominant power we once were. We’re going to have to learn to play nice and share the globes resources with other nations. They are no longer there for the taking or for our convenience. America, wake up before it’s too late!

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  • eds

    How do you know he was vetted properly, were you there?

    That liberal extremist website worries me, this is probably the site for all the obamaniacs to follow their Messiah
    NO-bama, TRUMP2012

    • Anonymous

      We can agree to disagree. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Anonymous

    This message was sent by Robert Collins. I would like all of you who follow RR to give your thoughts.

    Robert Collins

    I use – Chairman Obama – since I know he was not born in Kapi’olani hospital as he claims and the former Hawaii Governor lied saying he was born in Kapi’olani. Interesting to note Author: James Porter refers to Chairman Obama as President Obama four times, Barack Obama twice, Obama twice and Mr. Obama eight times. Seems he may have some doubt.
    I believe there is no issue that Barack Obama is an American citizen!
    Arnold Schwarzenegger’s is an American citizen. But they are not natural born.
    He refers to “..the kooky Birthers and their insane charges..” He fails to show the other side, his side, the Marks. For you west coasters a mark is a Bernie Madoff client, someone that believed Bill when he lied that he did not have … until they found the stained dress and John “That’s not my baby” Edwards before he was exposed as a liar.
    His suggestion of a video comment “.. showing Obama as he came out of the womb with the placenta attached and Don Ho in the background playing Hawaiian music on his ukulele.” the certifying physician that delivered the Chairman would be a better choice.
    “… Come on people, we have much bigger fish to fry…” there is no bigger fish than this. Chairman Obama was NOT thoroughly vetted; he has NOT shown his birth certificate. The Birthers will wear down the Marks.
    Mr. Porter is a racist and a sexist due to the fact he believes Chairman Obama is Black. The Hawaii COLB lists Chairman Obama’s mother’s RACE as CAUSIAN. I’m sure all Marks understand that the mother was WHITE. The father’s race was not identified. The Chairman is WHITE.
    “They will play on white Americas fears of a Negro/Latino nation ..” Birthers know Latino’s are of the WHITE race. Nice to see Mr.
    Porter knows African is not a race.
    There are many questions, Where is the long form birth certificate?
    Who was Chairman Obama’s illegal drug dealer at Punahou? What’s with the SS #?
    I agree America should wake up before it’s too late!

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