Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser is Winner
Biggest Loser John Rhode is Winner!

Biggest Loser is Winner!

John Rhode, the biggest losers most recent winner did what most of us consider the impossible. He lost a total of 220 lbs! You have to respect anyone with that kind of determination and drive to will themselves to lose that kind of weight.

When I first noticed the “Biggest Loser,” I thought how gross! It’s hard not to be moved by some of the touching stories of the contestants, many must lose weight or die – literally! In an age where it’s predicted that many of our children will die younger than us due to lifestyle, it’s especially sobering.

Catastrophic health care costs are fueled by sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. It’s said that most people dig their own grave with a knife and fork! And to think people actually got upset with First Lady, Michelle Obama for offering common sense approaches to the way our children eat; it’s amazing anyone would be against that.

Let’s face it, obesity is a major problem in the United States! We are the fattest country on the planet. In a land full of abundance and excess, our lifestyle is killing us. When President Obama passed health care, those on the right yelled fowl! So called “Obama Care” is anathema to Republicans. President Obama after many failed attempts by previous presidents got it passed; we needed it!

Obesity in minority communities is particularly acute. It’s estimated that eighty percent of black women our obese! Those statistics are shocking. Our culture (black community) enables obesity with the “thick” trend. Women with curves and big bottoms are viewed as sexier and more desirable in the black community.

The downside to being “thick” is, that we have expanded (no pun intended) what is inclusive of being “thick.” You often hear excuses like, oh girl, you’re just big-boned. Don’t worry girlfriend, men like their women thick!

In my mind, Beyonce and J-Lo are thick and shapely, not obese and over-weight. We need to somehow get a hold of the pervasive idea that being morbidly obese is somehow desirable or sexy.

Sadly, economics does play a role in how overweight one becomes. Poor people have fewer stores in their communities that sell fresh fruits and vegetables. Many people go to local mini mart type stores that prominently feature junk foods or foods high in carbohydrates and fats.

Cheap, high carb foods are filling and satisfying. Being hungry is not an option with most of us. When you can’t afford lean meats, fruits and vegetables, that is your only option to fight hunger pangs.

Too many of us are dying much younger in the name of “keeping it real.” Being “thick” is fine, if your weight is in proportion to your frame. All one needs to do is go on any dating website that caters to the black community and it’s literally shocking to see what passes as “sexy.” “Thick” is the new fat.

You can find profile after profile of women who are obviously obese and dressed scantly as if nothing is wrong. There is such a disconnect between self-perception and reality. Many of these women are just a few weeks from diabetes and all other kinds of weight related health problems.

Many of us will have to have some significant emotional event to wake us up to the reality that we must do something about excessive weight and take care of ourselves or we will die much younger than our parents did. Let’s hope we realize this before it’s too late.

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