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Culture in America and racial and political implications.

Black and Latino in the Americas

Dr. Henry Louis Gates
Dr. Henry Louis Gates-Black in Latin American

Black in Latin America – Most Americans can’t conceive of black and Latino being the same thing. Most African-Americans can’t conceive of slavery existing anywhere else other than the United States. In both cases, were all wrong. The slave trade worldwide was a massive undertaking. When most Americans think of slavery, we think of the obvious and long-lasting effects of slavery in the United States and relationships between the races. The truth is that the majority of slaves during the transatlantic slave trade ended up south of America’s borders, the Caribbean and all throughout South America.

Between 1502 in 1866 12.5 million African slaves were brought to the Americas. Of that number, only 450,000 were brought to the United States. The rest were scattered throughout the Caribbean and other parts of Latin America and the diaspora that has become the legacy of that tragic commerce. The remaining slaves were brought to other parts of Latin America;4.8 million were brought to Brazil alone. In fact, Brazil is home to the largest black population in the entire world, second only to the African continent. Today 120 million people of African descent live in Latin America.

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, the Harvard professor who became famous for his confrontation with a local policeman when trying to break into his own home has conducted extensive research on being black in Latin America. Dr. Gates travels have taken him to Brazil, Peru, Cuba and the Dominican Republic; conducting his research and writing his book, Black in Latin America.

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Casey Anthony Verdict

"Casey Anthony loves to party"
Casey Anthony never wanted to be a mom

By now you’re probably reeling from the Casey Anthony verdict. The jury may have found her not-guilty, however in the court of public opinion, she’s guilty as sin. She has received numerous death threats and when released, she will be under constant guard. In fact, a security detail is being organized as this post is being written.

You can’t help but feel emotion as images of sweet angelic Caylee Anthony are flashed on screen. It humanizes that poor little girl and the terrible suffering she must have endured. How can you not feel for that little girl? It’s painfully obvious that Casey Anthony didn’t want to be a mother. Even more obvious, that their family is dysfunctional, particularly the relationship with her father. Did she get away with murder? Probably not. Was she at least negligent in her daughters death? Most definitely! According to CNN she will be released by next Wednesday. She is being released for good behavior and time served.

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Fathers Day and African Americans

"Fathers Day - Black Fathers Matter"
Fathers Day - Involved fathers matter

Fathers Day is here! All across America, fathers are celebrating with their families. Fathers Day is a day of reflection and recognizing that the family structure and our country is better off with fathers who are involved with their children.

The American family has changed over the last couple of generations. Notice the word used was “involved” not in the home? With over half of all marriages ending in divorce, this has changed the family dynamic. Fathers Day is still just as important as always. There are many divorced fathers in America. Many of them will celebrate Fathers Day with their children in an alternative setting. The important issue, is that they are involved with their children!

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Thick is the new Fat

"Thick is the new fat"
Thick the way it was meant to be!

The following article was written by guest blogger, Imani Sassy.

Thick is the new fat; and it’s not really healthy. I get compliments all the time by men who say “you look good and thick.” Thanks but it’s not really good for my heart to be “thick.” I totally understand the visual aspect of having curves BUT enough is enough with this euphemism.

I plan to loose the body fat, gain muscle and maintain healthier eating habits. I now cook mustard/collard greens with olive oil and smoked turkey. The fat from the meat is trimmed and thrown away and guess what? Family and friends enjoy the taste of this Southern American inspired side dish.

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Oprah – Media Royalty

Article first published as Oprah – Media Royalty on Technorati.

"Oprah is a transcendent figure"
Oprah the King Maker

Oprah Gail Winfrey, better known to her adoring fans as just Oprah. Internationally known as the queen of daytime television (sorry Ellen DeGeneres your time will come).

For 25 years the Oprah Winfrey Show, or better known as the O, has been the show that has been penciled into almost every woman’s schedule at 4 o’clock eastern time has created a fan base that words can try to depict but cannot describe how many are dedicated to this show.

From humble beginnings in the Deep South to being one of the most powerful women in the world, her claim to fame is nothing short of amazing. Since this is the final season of Oprah we’ve decided to take a look back on not only Oprah’s career but the diverse number of fans and how much power the “Oprah Effect” has had on politicians, movie stars, ordinary people with a story to tell and everything in between.
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Popeyes Chicken – Race and Politics

"Popeyes Chicken and Chicken Mammy"
Popeyes Chicken Mammy

Popeyes Chicken should be ashamed of itself for the degrading and tired minstrel show put on by the “Chicken Mammy.” Ms. Annie as she’s called takes us back about a century on her chicken coonery antics. Believe it or not, the African-American community is divided on whether the commercial is racist or not. In some quarters of the community, the feeling is hey, “she’s making money and laughing all the way to the bank.” This writer is painfully aware, that some people will sell their soul for a dollar; no matter what the consequences are.

Should companies be held to a higher level of “social responsibility?” Where do we draw the line between funny and insulting? The Chicken Mammy’s antics hearkens back to a time most African-Americans would like to forget. The deplorable minstrel show era is one that is painful and dredges up the oppressive era of “Jim Crow” and brutal segregation that was mandated by law.

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Unions – Office – Politics and Facebook

Recovering Republican
Take our country forward - not back!

Social media is ubiquitous. Employees use their Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep up with family and friends, to network, to post music, to inform their online “community” of personal and/or social events, and, sometimes, to vent about their day on the job. What happens when one of their Facebook friends shares the online rant about a supervisor with said supervisor or someone else on the job? And what if the employer has a policy that prohibits employees from making “disparaging” remarks about their supervisor online? Can the employee be fired? The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) says “no”.

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African Americans and Irish

Blacks and the Irish
African-Americans and the Irish

Faith and Begorrah, it’s St. Patricks Day! Even though St. Patricks Day is not associated with African Americans and Irish, we celebrate it just as hard as anyone else! In fact, those of us who may have Irish blood in our ancestry are quite proud of it and announce it to the world. Of course most African-Americans have white blood in them from various white ethnic groups as a result of a female ancestor being raped by the slave master; Nothing to be proud of.

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Why is America so Color Struck?

"America is obsessed with race"
America is obsessed with race
The term color struck is used among African-Americans. It means “a strong obsession/fixation with color and race.” In offices and homes all over America the following conversation takes place, we are all color struck to some degree. This goes for both whites as well as blacks. We are all guilty of this; you know what I’m talking about. The race issue, two coworkers are discussing one of them meeting someone; liberal Republicans to this too! If one of them is black and the other is white, either one of them will describe the person that they met, or spoke to, or had fun with or went to happy hour with, as either black or white. We just can’t help describing people by race (color struck). Liberal Republicans as well as Conservatives do this. Let’s face it, we’re all color struck to one degree or another!

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