Colin Powell endorses Obama

Colin Powell’s appearance on Meet The Press this past Sunday proved to be a political tsunami! His authoritative endorsement of Obama sent shock waves around the world. This endorsement in my opinion put the nail in the proverbial coffin.

Most political pundits on the Republican side showed restraint in their comments. With the exception of Rush Limbaugh who by most standards is an unapologetic racist! General Powell is an honest and forthright man who shows great integrity. America and the world respect and admire the man. I’m sure that General Powell looked at his decision weighing the pro’s and con’s. This obviously was a tremendous boost for the Obama campaign.

Obama has also received the endorsements of Rupert Murdock and Warren Buffet.
We should all give pause that if men like Colin Powell, Rupert Murdock and Warren Buffet have endorsed Obama that should tell us something about Mr. Obama’s character.