Countdown Nine Days!

With endorsements coming by the hour, Paling going “rogue” and the implosion in the McCain campaign, victory is around the corner! The Obama campaign is smart enough not to make the same mistakes as past democratic candidates. They are working down to the wire. With all the discontent at the republican party, the war and the economy it seems like to electorate is willing to look past Obama’s race and vote in their own self interests.

While you will always have the racist fringe, most Americans seems to have gotten past the racial politics of the past. Barak Obama is truly a  transformational figure as Colin Powell stated in his Meet the Press interview. He is the breath of fresh air our country needs. Finally we can be seen around the world who has truly lived up to its promise of the American dream. The cowboy diplomacy of the Bush administration is about to ride into the sunset as a new political era in American politics dawns.

Mr. Obama’s world wide appeal will work to America’s benefit. The world is interconnected now and the politics of division can no longer function on the world stage. It is in the worlds and our nation’s best interest to work bilaterally. Under an Obama administration we will regain our standing as an example of what is possible in the world. We will be able to have a collegial relationship with our allies around the world. We should all rejoice as a new day dawns in the body politic.