Donald Sterling

Racist comments
Racist Donald Sterling outed.

No one is going to argue that Donald Sterling is a despicable human being. He has a long track record of discrimination against Blacks and Latinos as a convicted slum lord in Los Angeles. There are already attempts to discredit the messenger, his long time mistress V. Stiviano. No matter where the recording came, it doesn’t lessen the damage that was done by [Stirling’s] racist comments.


It’s a curious irony that Sterling is the owner of an NBA franchise that has risen like the Phoenix of Greek mythology. A long time laughing stock of the NBA is now a contender. These allegations couldn’t have come at a worse time. The NBA is overwhelming African-American. His team is mostly African-American; not to mention that is mistress is bi-racial (African-American and Mexican-American)

Sterling’s racist faux pas only exposes a strong undercurrent of racist sentiment that has swept across the country. Ever since the election and reelection of President Barack Obama, racist incidents and a dramatic rise in hate groups have been pervasive across the United States.


Sterling was going to honored for his charitable work with underprivileged youth by the NAACP. Needless to say, that has been cancelled. There is a lot of debate around the country if TMZ is a legitimate source, can his private comments be aired and used against him? As America watches this train wreck unfold before our eyes, this scandal will evolve and take on a life of it’s own.


What about his first amendment rights? What he said is not illegal, however, the damage his comments have done will only continue with more sponsors retracting their agreements with the Clippers. It’s hard not to feel empathy for the players and the head coach Doc Rivers. Who himself was the victim of a racist attack (his home was burned to the ground) simply because of his race and the fact that his wife is white.. He indeed brings a unique perspective to this issue.


The reaction to Sterling’s ill-timed comments were swift and unanimous. Outrage rang out from every corner of the NBA, the nation and the world. Well known stars and coaches in the NBA had denounced Sterling and his racist comments and rightly so. He has been able to buy off or settle past racist allegations and go on his merry way. There appears to be no redemption for him this time.


Racism is like a dangerous and vicious dog that a homeowner has. As long as you keep the dog on your property and not let it get out, your neighbors are safe. The moment the dog escapes your property and attacks someone, that homeowner is now liable and faces severe sanctions. Trust and believe, Sterling is not the only racist in America, he was just stupid enough to get caught.


Sterling by no means is not an anomaly just a week ago or so, America was introduced to the racist Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy,  who made derogatory statements about Blacks and slavery Because of his cattle grazing on public land. His reasoning was a quantum leap from the topic of his cattle’s right to graze. But then, racists don’t make much sense, do they? We can be assured that Sterling will not be the last idiot to bare his racist sentiment to the public. There are many people like Sterling, who long for the not too distant past in our country when you could be as racist as you wanted and were not called to account. There are those of Sterling’s ilk, who would love to paint the town “white” and party like it’s 1939! Thank God those days are gone.

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