Donald Trump and The Blacks

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Donald Trump and the Blacks
Donald Trump and the Blacks

“I have a great relationship with the blacks,” REALLY? So says Donald Trump in a recent radio interview. Of the potential candidates on the Republican side, Donald Trump was the one who could have taken votes away from Barack Obama in the 2012 election. Any political currency he had with the black community has been squandered on his lack of sensitivity.

The comment was no better than saying “those people.” It’s amazing to this writer how some politicians just don’t seem to get it. In a world where gaffes and blunders go viral in milliseconds thanks to the Internet, you would think one would be more careful.

The GOP has enough problems with perception among both, the Latino and African-American (black) community. The election of 2012 will be here in a New York minute. Just this past week, a GOP activist circulated a “family portrait” showing Obama as a member of an “ape” family! When will they learn? The activist is now receiving death threats and can’t understand why. REALLY?

This author is always receiving comments on Recovering Republican from the right that it’s not about race. If it’s not about race, why is there always someone from the GOP camp saying something goofy within earshot of a microphone near you? It’s amazing to me that they keep making the same mistake over and over. Either they are totally clueless or racist or combination of both.

Donald Trump and the GOP need a serious makeover. We can start with his haircut and go from there. Yes, Donald Trump has black friends; that’s what has me so confused. He should have known better. The comment Donald Trump made was at best, insensitive and at worst, borderline racist. Donald Trump isn’t the first white male to commit such a faux pas and he certainly won’t be the last – unfortunately.

And to make matters worse, Donald Trump has jumped onto the “birther” bandwagon. This is not endearing him to “the blacks.” The “some of my best friends are black” comment won’t save him either. Donald Trump has made his bed, now he must lie in it.

The Black community sees the Republicans as indifferent and Latinos see them as down right hostile. With an increasing brown and black electorate, this doesn’t bode well for the GOP. Unless the Republicans can clean up their image and change the perception within these two very critical constituencies, President Obama stands a real good chance at re-election in 2012.

Donald Trump lamented that it seems the black electorate supports President Obama based on racial preferences. He stated that it was sad how Hillary Clinton didn’t have much black support; This is partly true. In the beginning of the presidential campaign of 2008, Hillary Clinton had 90% of the black vote. Donald Trumps sudden amnesia doesn’t seem to recall the South Carolina primary, and the episode of “foot in mouth” disease that struck Bill Clinton, citing that Jesse Jackson also won South Carolina when he ran for president. The comment offended the black community to the point that nearly all support shifted from Hilliary Clinton to Barack Obama almost overnight.

Donald Trump may be the big man on celebrity apprentice and in the real estate world. This last episode with “the blacks” may have done him in. Once an idiotic statement leaves your mouth, it’s hard to call it back. Those who feel aggrieved have long memories to such affronts. His comments will haunt him if he does decide to run. I’ve done some informal polling with some of “the blacks” and the word on the street for Mr. Trump is, “You’re Fired!”

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