Family Values and The GOP

"Family values and the GOP"
Family Values are Republicans full of it?

The following article was written by guest blogger, Michael Knight.

I know what you are thinking; this article is going to be a criticism on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, former Republican Governor of California, and recent discovery within his personal life; the answer is no. This is not an attack on just Arnold but more importantly the family values that his party holds and in recent news the contradiction of those family values. When one thinks of a Republican a lot of things come to mind. One that pops up right away is a party where its foundation is rooted on traditional family values. This is also a party heavily opposed to those within the gay community getting married; not the family values they espouse.

Family Values

We cannot be oblivious to the fact that there have been several men of the Democratic Party that have had their hand in extra-marital affairs, Ted Kennedy and John Edwards are some that come to mind. The thing that is so intriguing about these recent right-wing sex scandals is that they ostensibly are committed out of character. Totally counter the family values mantra of the GOP. Not trying to give a pass to the actions of liberal politicians that try and find love outside of their marriage, but Democratic values is centered more around equal rights for all than social conservatism. Sure, morally everyone looks wrong but I think it looks worse on the GOP because their policies that are based on Christianity and social conservatism.

Taking another look at the Democratic Party you say that they are very open to the gay community and even have had prominent members within the party i.e. Harvey Milk and Barney Frank. Throughout the years it has been the Democrats who have been backing the LGBT movement through their many endeavors to have the same rights as heterosexual couples. On the other side, there is the very open anti-gay republican wing of the party who has been thwarting the efforts of the gay community to pursue equal rights for years. Not the family values the GOP had in mind.

Although I am not going to say what I think should and should not be, I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion. With that said, I also believe in the old axioms “practice what you preach” and being a “man of your word”. If you say you feel a certain way about a particular subject [family values] everything you do, everything you say, should be a reflection of that distinct belief. I understand nobody is perfect but I do feel that one can be near flawless as far as executing a plan for personal comportment.

Not just recently, but within recent years there have been a couple of incidents involving GOP members and their involvement in homosexual relationships. Former US Representative, Mark Foley was the Chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children. He was one of the biggest opponents of child pornography in the Senate. In 2006 it was discovered that he allegedly had been sending sexually graphic messages via email to teenage boys in the congressional page program for more than a decade. Ted Haggard is an evangelical pastor who used to sit in and preach during meetings with President George W. Bush. Haggard, as far as homosexuality, preached that it was an abomination was very much anti-gay. In 2006 it came out that Haggard had been a male prostitute for sex and been snorting crystal meth for about three years; talk about family values! I think that it is amazing that these two Republicans not only had skeletons in their closet, but skeletons that contradicted the very thing they allegedly stood for – family values.

Everyone is going to make a mistakes throughout their life. Unfortunately, some of the mistakes certain people of power make cost them not only their careers but their reputation. As far as a family values, political party the GOP may have to rethink their position due to their selfish indiscretions and narcissism. I’m sure this disgraceful behavior is seen as abhorrent to the Republican base. It appears some soul searching is in order in for the GOP.