GOP and 2012 Election

"2012 election Can Newt Gingrich beat Obama?"
Can Newt save GOP?

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The 2012 election started this past Friday night, Newt Gingrich announced his entry into the 2012 election at a GOP dinner in Georgia that he was officially entering the race for president.

Gingrich addressed the party faithful stating that the 2012 election will be the most consequential since the 1860 election that elected Abraham Lincoln and plunged America into the great civil war. It sounds like Newt Gingrich is longing for slavery to come back. It’s an obvious pander to a room full of Georgia confederates.

GOP and 2012 Election

Gingrich stated that Pres. Barack Obama’s “radical left wing” policies will plunge the country into complete chaos and ruin. Where does Mr. Gingrich get such ideas? Pres. Obama is one of the most centrist, moderate Democrats in politics. He [Obama] bailed out the banks, rescued Wall Street and took out Bin Laden. How in the world is this president a “left wing radical?”

Ironically, it was Newt Gingrich who worked with former Pres. Bill Clinton and the Democrats to reduce the budget deficit, which led to a large budget surplus when Clinton left office in the late 1990’s. Mr. Gingrich is more moderate than he’s letting on. He’s having to get more conservative and hateful in his rhetoric to appeal to the hard core conservatives and the Tea Party wing of the Republican party.

Newt Gingrich knows that the election of 2012 will not be a cake walk. Pres. Obama will be a formidable opponent; and he [Gingrich] knows it! Now that Pres. Obama has got his mojo back after the killing of Bin Laden, things seem to be going Obama’s way. Gingrich is so concerned about taking on Obama that he stated, “if the race were fair the Republicans could win.”

What does Gingrich mean by fair? In his mind the “liberal media” will side with Pres. Obama and help him get re-elected. Let’s not forget that the Republicans are intimidated by Pres.Obama’s phenomenal fund raising ability. Many pundits speculate that Pres. Obama will harness the power of social media and the Internet; again to raise incredible amounts of money. Some estimate over a billion [that’s right, with a B] in campaign contributions. It’s easy to see why the GOP is concerned; they can’t compete with that!

Of the Republicans who have thrown their respective hats in the ring for 2012, Gingrich has a political track record and name recognition. One problem however, his two divorces and three marriages along with the affair that caused his second divorce may be a problem. Gingrich will get hammered on any attempt to take on Pres. Obama on “family values.” His adviser’s are probably telling him to avoid that debate with Obama.

Then there is the lunatic right-wing fringe of the Republican party i.e. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman. Even the conservative base of the Republican party realize what a liability the Tea Party will be for any serious consideration of taking back the White House. Many mainstream Republicans are keeping their distance from the Tea Party, as it will hurt their chances for getting elected.

Let’s not even talk about Mitt Romney! He’s so busy defending his health care program he passed in Massachusetts, it will derail his run for the White House. Each time Romney tries to defend his health care program, the Democrats praise his program, effectively tying him to “Obama care.” It’s this writers opinion that Romney’s “distraction” with health care will cause him to pull out of the race before he gets started.

Bottom line, Pres. Obama’s chances of getting re-elected are promising. Unless there is some major calamity that would cause his approval ratings to slide, he’s got a good shot at a second term. The GOP has good reason to worry. They really don’t have anyone without a lot of baggage that’s a viable candidate that can de-throne Obama. The 2012 election is rapidly approaching and anything can happen; the smart money is on Pres Obama.

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