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Guns do kill people!

I’m literally on a flight back to Los Angeles from Phoenix , Arizona as I write this post. Being a native son of the state, I’m conflicted about the states position state’s position on a lot of controversial social and political issues. In light of the recent tragedy in Tucson, I was motivated to deal with the issue of gun control or the lack thereof. As a liberal republican and Obama republican, I felt it was my duty to address this issue.

As I transversed the streets of Phoenix, I couldn’t help but notice the ubiquitous bumper stickers that read, “Guns save lives.” Are you kidding – really? It’s sad that the gun control issue always seems to lie dormant in the background until there is another tragedy with a high body count – thanks to high capacity ammunition clips!

The crux of this argument really gets my goat. Let’s face it, whenever we hear the argument of those in favor of guns, the second amendment and the right to bear arms, we are talking about white men! Yes, I said it, white men. Gun ownership to this right-wing crowd is right up their there with God and apple pie.

Armed black men have always struck fear in most people. This goes back to the early days of emancipation after slavery. Strict “black codes” prohibited blacks from owing owning firearms of any kind. To add insult to injury, they were not allowed to own a dog to protect their homes and families. I’m sure this fact probably comes as a shock to most readers. nonetheless, it’s true!

Towards the end of the civil war blacks were mustered into the Union Army at a very high rate. They were allowed to bear arms and defend the Union during the war. The same can’t be said for the Confederacy. General Robert E. Lee was in favor of doing so, however, his generals and much of the the citizenry of the Old South were dead set against it. The thought of Armed negroes running around plantations with white women – some recently widowed – was just too much for the sons of the Confederacy to bear. Let’s not forget the potential for armed insurrection by newly freed slaves. This was the southerners’ biggest fear; hence strict “black codes.” This relegated unarmed confederate soldiers to perform menial tasks such as cooking and burying confederate war dead.

Here is my solution to the problem. The United States government should do a media blitz showing black men armed to the teeth with a caption that reads in bold print “we believe in the second amendment too!” Of course we would have black men that represent all social strata from Leroy in the mail room to CEOs of major corporations. Oh yes, we do have a lot of them these days! I guarantee you we would have gun control enacted as fast as you can say, “I’m voting for Sarah Palin in 2012!”

As the old adage goes anybody can be a big man and pack heat, the question is, what will you do when the other guy pulls his gun? Food for thought isn’t it? We as American’s have been up and down on the gun control issue for years now. Going back to the attempted assasination on Ronald Reagan. (There was plenty of gun control discussion with JFK’s assassination and especially when Martin and Bobby were assassinated in 1968. Rep. Peter Rodino of New Jersey and others tried to enact the toughest gun laws before or since, but were defeated–you might want to review that) Under his administration gun control laws were inacted limiting high capacity ammunition clips and assualt weapons.

This was continued under George Bush and the ban was allowed to expire as he caved in to the powerful gun lobby and right wing Republicans who see this as their God given right to bear arms, no matter how devastating the weapon. The gun lobby is one of the most powerful lobby’s in America. They wield unprecedented power in Congress and hold their representatives accountable on how they vote on crucial gun laws or reform.

Casually firing a weapon at a firing range is one thing. Having to shoot in a high stress, life or death situation is another. As a liberal Republican, I say let’s get real and at least have honest dialogue about gun control. Or are we willing to sit idly by until the next tragic shooting, only to repeat the process all over again?

Write your congressman or congresswoman and let’s deal with this issue once and for all. How many people have to die before we wake up and “get it?” As the electorate we have the power is in our hands. Whether you’re Republican or Democrat or even a liberal Republican, speak up and get counted. We can make a difference on this pressing issue.

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  • I love your site!

  • This is exactly a problem I must do more research into, appreciation for the article.

  • I keep running into this issue time and again. I love this article. It’s made me think, it’s taught me something, and it’s opened my mind. Let’s have gun ownership legal only for women. I wonder what would happen in that world? It would certainly change the dialogue, the image of gun ownership!

    • Jen,

      Thanks for your comment. We really need to address this issue. When you look at it from a different perspective it really makes you think. We need gun control now more than ever. Please facebook and tweet your friends and get them involved in the discussion.


  • I basically learned about virtually all of this, but however, I still assumed it had been useful. Sweet blog!

  • Devan

    This was a very thought provoking article. In my sincerest opinion I feel that we should have regulated tests and scanning before giving out firearms “willy-nilly”. I know this wouldn’t be the ultimate solution but it would at least shrink the number of guns falling into the wrong hands(not that there are any hands that are right for guns).

  • Ray

    “As the old adage goes anybody can be a big man and pack heat, the question is, what will you do when the other guy pulls his gun?”

    Isn’t that the point of carrying/owning firearms? It works both ways. Allow me to rephrase:

    The criminal can be a big man and pack heat, the question is, what will he do when the victim pulls his/her gun?

    BTW, I’m a black man with a handgun carry permit. I can carry concealed or open in my state. I have many caucasian friends. In fact, I can easily say that most of my friends are caucasian. My family has owned firearms going back to my great grandfather, who belonged to a hunting club back when blacks weren’t normally allowed in hunting clubs. I was concerned about the “Black Man with a GUN” fear, but after carrying for years, I can confidently state that particular fear is unfounded. Actually, most carry permit owners go through this fear when they first carry no matter what their race. Eventually, we learn two things. One, 99.999% of people don’t notice or don’t care about your firearm in public. Lastly, the only people who are really upset about the issue only show it on random blogs/websites. See the failure of Million Mom March for a public example.

    You’ll need to come up with more convincing arguments if you plan to change the minds of millions of Americans who believe that they have the right to defend themselves in a violent encouter. I would recommend that you ignore any emotional tactics used at the Huffington Post or because they tend to be ineffective outside those liberal circles.

    • Ray,

      I appreciate your comments. We want to hear all sides. The men in my family are outdoors men and hunters going back several generations. Perhaps we’ve had different experiences. I’m glad you took time to weigh in with your thoughts on the topic.


      • Ray

        For another similar perspective, I would recommend Kenn Blanchard. I would to listen to his podcasts frequently when I did a lot of business travel.

        • Ray,

          Thanks! I’ll check him out!


  • [quote]The United States government should do a media blitz showing black men armed to the teeth with a caption that reads in bold print “we believe in the second amendment too!”[/quote]

    Why do you believe that it is necessary for the Federal government to do this?

    At the time of Bishop Henry McNeal Turner – he told all Black people to arm themselves in order to defend their households from marauding “Night Riders” who threatened their person and property.

    I just watched HBO where Thurgood Marshall, played by Laurence Fishburn made the case that he could not see why any person needed a firearm.

    Today a disproportionate amount of Black males INDEED carry weapons to “defend themselves” – just as the great Bishop Turner had suggested that they do. UNFORTUNATELY they are “defending” themselves against a man who is a Black man just like himself AND in the context of some illicit commercial transaction.

    We don’t need the GOVERNMENT to market anything to us.
    Our community has a problem with leadership that is out of tune with the needs of our people AND their possession of theories on how we might move forward that focuses too much on political struggle rather than HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT.

    • Thank you for your comments. The gun issue is a problem in our community. I don’t see the need for a HS or Jr HS kid to have one – period!