Herman Cain – Barack Obama

Can you imagine a Cain - Obama Faceoff?
Cain - Obama in 2012?

Raising Cain

Herman Cain, in-spite of his recent surge to the top of the Republican heep, is seen as a dark-horse (pardon the pun) candidate. Given the way the rest of the field is imploding, I wouldn’t count Mr. Cain out so fast!

Mitt Romney has held the number spot for weeks now and it’s still not enough to satisfy the GOP. They are pole-vaulting over Mr. Romney in search of a conservative messiah they feel confident who will be able to beat President Obama.

Many pundits are already counting Herman Cain out, saying he is a “vanity” candidate who is only interested in promoting his book. Ironically, at all the debate stops, all of the GOP candidates are pitching their books. So why shouldn’t Mr. Cain?

I’m only musing here, but wouldn’t it be surreal if Herman Cain were to win the Republican nomination? Could you imagine the energy a Cain – Obama contest would bring? Bigots all over America would commit mass suicide!

Stranger things have happened – right? Given the precarious nature of the GOP’s volatility, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. A lot could happen between now and when the race really heats up in earnest.

It would be curious to hear from all the pundits who dismissed Mr. Cains candidacy as “entertaining” and having no chance winning the nomination. In the early going, the press was dismissive of Mr. Cain and didn’t want to “pan” the camera on him during early debates and media events.

At the last televised debate, Mr. Cain was seated next to Mitt Romney and was a full fledged participant in the debate. This isn’t so much a statement of Herman Cain’s popularity as much as a testimony of how desperate the Republican camp is to find someone with the charisma and political appeal who can lead the the GOP to the political promised land.

Herman Cain doesn’t seem prone to embarrassing gaffes as some of his counterparts in the field. Rick Perry’s political stock has fallen quicker than hot molasses on a high chair. His campaign is in an unrecoverable tail spin and for all intents and purposes appears to be finished.

The only hiccup Herman Cain has had thus far was his response to the “Niggerhead” name on the rock and Perry’s fathers hunting camp. When Mr. Cain stated that it was “insensitive” to use that name, Mr. Cain became the bad guy. Black conservatives should never point out racism when it’s obvious; one the GOP’s cardinal rules!

No matter how much most of us like Mitt Romney, he doesn’t appear to be the pick of the tea party and the right-wing social conservatives of the party. As the campaign weeds the weak out of the field, it seems the “Mormon” card is going to be played more and more.

The likelihood of an Obama – Cain face-off may be unlikely, but not totally improbable. In the event such a match up were to occur, boy would it be fun to watch! This would turn the political world on it’s head. Let’s just see what happens?

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  • (GENE)

    Herman Cain did not have a snowball chance in hell to win the Republican nomination You do realize that he is black !   He should have to return all of the donations that he received from all parties !  He should have known that his background would come out ! His wife should take his ass to the cleaners !  How could a man that stupid run for the president of the United States ? Is his parents still alive? Somebody whip his ass !!!!     My  feelings,    GENE 

    • recovered

      I agree completely!