Herman Cain: Blacks Brainwashed by Liberals

Herman Cain: Can he win?
Herman Cain: Blacks Brainwashed

Herman Cain’s assertion that African Americans have been brainwashed into not being open-minded, not even considering a conservative point of view is ridiculous. While Mr. Cain comes off as a competent candidate, he is missing the point.

Mr. Cain, who recently won the Florida straw poll has given his candidacy a lift from his performance in beating out Rick Perry. This may force people to take his candidacy more seriously. However, it’s a long way until the election, so anything can happen.

Any Republican, no matter who they are who has the temerity to suggest that African Americans or anyone else is not open-minded, is not dealing with reality. there is no other group in the country who are more narrow minded than Republicans.

Just this week, Mr. Cain was asked what his opinion was about the “Niggerhead” sign on a hunting compound owned by Rick Perry’s family. I’m sure Mr. Cain is aware of a lot of the racist baggage that most of the GOP field harbors.

This is part of the reason GOP leaders are scrambling to get Chris Christie into the race. He seems to have more of a broad appeal, beyond the Republican base. GOP strategists have come to realize that for them to take back the White House, they need a candidate who can run a successful general election and appeal beyond their political base.

Ironically, the church-going African-American electorate does tend to be socially conservative. What turns off the majority of the African-American electorate, is the racist exclusionary tactics of the Republican party. Those of us within the African-American community are very clear that the tea party and an overwhelming majority of Republicans are not our friends.

It’s almost amusing to see Republican strategists tripping over each other to find a great white hope who can beat president Obama in the 2012 election. One almost feels sorry for poor Mitt Romney, strategists and political consultants realize that Mr. Romney is toast if he is the one who goes up against President Obama.

Rick Perry’s candidacy is going down like the Titanic. With his perceived soft stance on immigration, the party faithful have thrown him to the wolves. The Republican base as well as the more moderate factions of the party will not accept Mr. Perry’s stance on immigration.

It’s amazing to this writer how my large rank-and-file Americans would support the Republican party. For the top 2% of the moneyed class in America who are Republicans it’s understandable. For those Americans who are struggling to make ends meet or facing foreclosure, it’s difficult to understand how they would think that the Republican Party is the answer to their problems.

Already the critics have come out of the woodwork supporting Mr. Cain in his statement about blacks being brainwashed. They are quick to explain, that at one point Democrats were very conservative and anti-black in the South. This much is true, however after the civil rights act of 1964 was passed, the South became over well mainly Republican and you know the rest of the story.

Historically, African-Americans have always patronized a party, who they believe have their best interest at heart. Believe me, it’s not the Republican Party. How many examples would one need to prove this point.

The election of 2012 promises to be a real thriller. If the Republican Party and its field of lame candidates can’t get beyond the “Keystone Cops” charade, its President Obama’s for the taking!

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  • Anonymous

    Herman Cain was accused of playing the “race card” and he was the one who didn’t paint “N-head” on the rock and Perry’s hunting compound? Give me a break! Mr. Cain wake up, they (GOP) are not your friends!