Herman Cain – Who is he?

"Tea party loves Herman Cain"
Herman Cain is Tea Party Favorite

Herman Cain

From all accounts the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza is the embodiment of the American dream. He has come a long way to reach the promised land that all of us seek in America. This article isn’t so much about Herman Cain as much as the agenda of the tea party and the far right to use him as the anti-racist antidote against charges of racism leveled at the tea party.

Herman Cain is a conservative Republican who was a host of a popular conservative radio program in Atlanta. He was also a tea party favorite and is one of the few Republicans who have declared his interest in his party’s presidential nomination. Whether this is a ruse or the real thing, it appears that he has gathered quite a following from the tea party faithful.

In a recent presidential straw poll event in Phoenix Arizona, he was the clear winner. He’s known as the “Herminator” and has become a tea party favorite through his advocacy of the fair tax. Herman Cain who was the keynote speaker at the tea party patriots presidential straw poll accused liberals of destroying the American dream. He hasn’t hesitated to invoke his background when comparing himself to president Obama. As a liberal and an Obama Republican, it’s going to take much more to de-thrown the president in 2012.

while I think his chances are slim of winning the Republican nomination, I can’t help but admire his (Herman Cain) chutzpah for going after what he believes in. Mr. Herman Cain is in an untenable situation, African-Americans will view him with great suspicion and fear he is being manipulated or used by the tea party. I’ll say this much, he clearly is a far more intelligent choice than Sarah Palin!

This scenario is reminiscent of the Michael Steele affair. It seemed that his sudden ascension as the RNC chair was a knee-jerk reaction to President Obama’s election. Anyone with half a brain can see through this. The Republican Party is so desperate to compete against President Obama that they seem to stop at nothing to accomplish their goal of taking back the White House.

I’m sure Herman Cain does have a legitimate following of white conservatives who would give their support to him, however, I’m not convinced with a lot of the party faithful from the GOP. The conservative right in the Republican Party gets a double bonus with Herman Cain; he’s African-American and he’s a conservative who is a legitimate contender. Whether he gets the nod or not we’ll just have to see.

Herman Cain takes credit for helping to derail President Clinton’s health-care initiative during his first administration. At that time, Mr. Kane was the then-chairman of the national restaurant Association. Herman Cain said that his opposition during a televised town hall helped build momentum that forced Clinton to abandon the effort.

Herman Cain has opened up his exploratory committee earlier this year- and while he hasn’t made a full-blown commitment to running, a “draft Cain” movement on the web has sprouted. Time will tell if Herman Cain is the eventual Republican nominee.


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