Iowa Caucus Results

Romney wins Iowa Caucus

Rick Santorum is big winner.

The fat lady has sung in Iowa! Romney was declared the winner however, it seems like Rick Santorum may be the big winner. His hard core social conservatism seemed to win over social conservatives in Iowa.

While Romney is the clear winner, the Republican base seems to still be wary of Mr. Romney. This morning on MSNBC, pundits from the New York Times stated that Mitt Romney will have trouble in the south because of his religion (Mormon). That may or may not be the case, however, he is just not seen as conservative enough to satisfy the Republican base, who are still trying to anoint anyone but him [Romney].

This morning at an early press conference, Michele Bachmann announced she was putting her campaign on hold. This has become a euphemism for quitting the race.

During Bachmann’s speech, she repeatedly talked about “taking our country back.” My question to her is, from whom? The Black man in the White House you conservatives seem to have a problem with? In all the years I’ve participated in the electoral process, I’ve never heard that language used.

The campaign trail is heating up and it’s getting really interesting. Romney may have been declared the winner, but Rick Santorum is the one who came out smelling like roses.

Newt Gingrich finished a dismal fourth place in the Iowa Caucus. It seems like his past and all his baggage is catching up with him. While Mr. Gingrich is a very smart guy, he has some character issues the electorate will hold against him. After all, we do want good character in our leaders. Especially the president of the United States.

Ron Paul even seemed to have fared well in the Iowa contest. He did well with younger voters and independents. During the recap on the Iowa Caucus on MSNBC this morning, a pundit from the New York Times, described Ron Paul as an “odd duck,” I couldn’t agree more! After the racist propaganda put out by his staff was not appropriately explained, he lost my respect.

Rick Perry has gone back to Texas to reevaluate his campaign. We can help you Gov. Perry, get out while you can! Mr. Perry is not ready for prime time, not by a long shot!

In the final analysis, the Republican field of candidates is just making it easier for President Barack Obama to win reelection. After he wins this coming November, he (Obama) should send them all a nice thank you card!

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    Obama is the best President this Country ever had baring NON.