Is It A Black Thing

Is it a Black Thing? The recent outburst by Rep Joe Wilson (R) of the South Carolina during Rep Joe Wilson (R) S. CarolinaPresident Obama’s speech before the joint session of congress is merely the tip of the iceberg. The hateful rhetoric this summer at tea parties and town hall meetings only continues to become more intense and uncivil. It appears that all of this vile that is being spewed is racist in nature and will only continue to worsen.

Just this week On Real Time with Bill Maher, he and his guests concluded that it’s obvious there’s some “weird black thing” going on with these anti-Obama rants and tirades. Former President Jimmy Carter was interviewed on NBC evening news and stated that he was “very concerned” about the pervasive racism that still exists. He further stated that as a southerner he was very familiar with unrepentant racism. Moreover, there is still a faction in this country that still harbors deep racism against minorities and blacks in particular.

Of course there are those who claim that the left are too quick to play the race card. Not so fast! The kind of descent that is occurring in reference to Obama is much different than any of his predecessors. There is a palpable hatred and racism that is starting to gain momentum by the fringe elements of a backwater, racist paranoid group that just can’t get over having a black president; who in their minds does not deserve our respect.

It’s admirable that President Obama wants bipartisanship and is more than willing to reach across the aisle. The hard reality is that no matter how much he tries to reach out there are those who will never ever accept him. Period! These right wing hardliners would be laughable and easy to dismiss; but they are armed to the teeth. This makes them even more dangerous.

For the first time in a long time the democrats have control of the house, the senate and the white house. Now is our big chance. If not now; then when? The Republicans don’t seem to want to work with President Obama. Some have said outright that they will vote against ANY health care reform that he proposes. I’m of the opinion that Bill Maher may be right when we he stated on a recent show that it’s not fair to call all Republicans racists. However, if you’re a racist, you’re probably a Republican.