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Brian Sandoval will not help Latinos
Brian Sandoval doesn't have Latino interests at heart!
Is the GOP using Latino Politicians as a shill?

As we get closer to the election of 2012, Republicans have awoken suddenly to realize that they really need the Latino vote! The Republicans never fail to amaze. they’ve kicked, browbeat and insulted the Latino electorate and now are looking for their support. Really? It may be a little too late, even if there may be some in the Latino community who may set out the 2012 election because of the Democrats failure to address immigration reform.

There’s been a lot of talk about the recent Republican effort to win over Latino voting support. While it may be admirable for the GOP to make an attempt to reach out to Latinos during a presidential election year, I’m afraid that their efforts will be fruitless until they reverse the actions of their dismal record regarding last December’s 2010 dream act vote. It takes a lot of nerve to diss and entire electorate, and then turn around and ask for their support; that takes the proverbial “cojones.”

The dream act would’ve helped thousands of young Latinos realize the American dream by getting a good education. This writer sees it as a win-win. Helping young people who ended up in America through no fault of their own, gaining higher education and securing their place in productive society. Who would be against that? The Republicans that’s who!


The Republican party can no longer claim to be pro-family, with over 1 million families have been forced apart or detained through their “attrition through enforcement” policies. It can no longer pride itself on pro-life views, since they attacked American-born baby rights via the 14th amendment. They can no longer pride themselves on jobs or the economy, because they are hurting the economy through their protectionism.

Here’s an example of how protectionism is hurting America. Daniel Griswold from the Cato Institute stated that one low skilled undocumented farm worker produces 3.1 middle income jobs to native-born Americans via packaging, transportation and marketing. Since the passage of Georgia’s harsh anti-immigrant law, Georgia farmers have become desperate in their need to replace 11,000 farm workers who fled en masse exodus. Do you get the point? This is an example of the domino effect that occurs when we eliminate low-skill and labor jobs that help fuel the American economy. This type of shortsightedness will only speed up America’s decline and lowered productivity.

Here is an example of the irony and the Latinos the Republicans have chosen to help endorse them and get Latino support. Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval was tapped to reach out to Latinos, and Sandoval supported Arizona’s SB 1070? Really? Latinos in New Mexico are becoming increasingly upset with Gov. Susanna Martinez’ initiative to take driver’s licenses away from the undocumented, so why is the GOP using her for Latino outreach? Latino grassroots leaders in Nevada and New Mexico have stated that Hispanics voted for Sandoval and Martinez because the Hispanic surname was misleading to many who believed they would take immigrant-friendly positions in the Southwest; they were wrong!

In Latin culture in general and Mexican culture in particular, there is an archetype which is called a “Pocho.” This is usually what most Latinos refer to as a washed out, watered-down, Americanized Latino; usually Mexican-American. This type of individual is consumed with self-loathing and denial about his or her Latino roots. Oftentimes, they don’t speak Spanish at all, speak it very poorly or speak it and get offended if someone actually tries to speak Spanish to them. Please allow me to put this in context. It’s analogous to the African-American’s “Uncle Tom.” I think you get the picture? These are the type of politicians that the Republicans are going for based on the fact that they have a Spanish surname. Basically Latino shills for the GOP. The Latino community has awakened to this divisive and deceptive practice used to gain their support on false pretense.

The extreme rhetoric by the Republican Party, the tea party and anti-immigrant extremists have taken its toll on the Latino community. The GOP is going to find out in no uncertain terms that she can’t exclude an ostracized entire community and then expect their support. Now that the election of 2012 is around the corner, you can’t make nice now that you realize that without substantial support from the Latino community your chances of winning any major elections will fade.

There is a consensus that there isn’t much that the Republican Party can do to garner any support for the upcoming election of 2012. Maybe in 2016, the Republicans might be able to chip away at some of the Latino support. Latinos will and have become the largest minority group in the United States. And most of them can legally vote. It’s a very simple math! If the Republicans don’t pull their head out of the sand and recognize the power of this large and ever-growing group, they will surely miss the boat. Using “Pocho” politicians as shills for the GOP just won’t get it done.

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  • monkeymom2dd

    Could you please clarify my understanding of the progressive view on income?  Should the illegal workers in Georgia have been paid fair wages?  If they had been paid fair wages, how is that different from paying fair wages to legal aliens or citizens?  Wouldn’t the amount being paid be the same regardless of who was working?  Why are illegals apparently the only individuals actually willing to work those farms in Georgia?  Doesn’t Georgia have people that need employment?  With an unemployment rate at over 9%, I would think that many Georgians would be grateful to fill the positions that have opened up to them.

    As an individual married to an illegal alien, I can tell you that both my husband and I strongly support reform of the immigration process.  (He had come in on a vacation visa)  All individuals that work should be supporting the tax system.  Illegal aliens are usually paid under the table and therefore are not subject to taxation.  They then use many tax-supported institution to which they are not contributing.  Everybody should pay their fair share.  It’s only fair, right?