Lebron James

"Lebron James, is he as good as Michael Jordan"
Lebron James is he as good as Michael Jordan?

Why we Hate Him – As the NBA Championship winds down, much is being said about the games premier player. Lebron James is the man we all love to hate. Much like overweight women hate Barbie. He has athletic ability others would kill for. He makes it all look so easy. His swagger, his I’m going to do it my way has everyone in a lather. There in lies the problem. Lebron James is one of those black men who forgot “his place.” And a lot of people are not happy with that. This writer says, you go Lebron – keep it up!

Admittedly, Lebron Jame’s hastily planned, televised announcement of where he was going to go was tacky. It was a great example of, how NOT to announce your departure from a team that was desperate to keep you at all costs. Part of Lebron James public relations debacle lies in how his reality television type announcement was done. It ruffled feathers among NBA fans and teams alike.

There has been much discussion over how Lebron James coaxed Chris Bosh to come to Miami. The big three as they are called (Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh) have formed an NBA cartel or conglomerate. This comment is very interesting. When white men do the same thing for personal gain, it’s called savvy business acumen or the art of the deal. The double standard is amazing.

Lebron James had the option as a free agent to do as he chooses. Whether you like it or not, he’s a free man, who can take his talents wherever he chooses. It appears that Lebron being so young and so gifted is also part of the problem. He is the envy of the NBA. His strength, agility and raw athleticism is unbelievable. The young man wants to win an NBA World Championship! Let’s face it, it wasn’t going to happen in Cleveland!

An amatuer wanna be reporter could do man on the street interviews till the cows come home. The answer will be the same, we want Dallas to win. Not because they are die hard Dallas fans; it’s because they hate Lebron James! While there is a diverse crowd that supports Dallas over Miami, the hatred directed at Lebron James comes mostly from white males.

There are transcendent figures in the NBA, that rise above any perceived racial vitriol. Case in point, Michael Jordan. He is still one of the most beloved figures who has ever played the game of basketball. Everyone still wants to be like Mike! MJ is the gold standard that every basketball superstar is compared against. Michael Jordan has six championship rings to prove his greatness!

There is always the inevitable comparison with Michael Jordan. There was a firestorm of controversy when Scottie Pippen, a former Jordan teammate compared Lebron to Jordan. The deciding factor was and will always be, how many rings does Lebron James have?

The series is tied 2 – 2 between Dallas and Miami. It aint over till the fat lady sings. For all his greatness, Lebron James will end up another wanna be superstar if he doesn’t win an NBA Championship. While there is enormous pressure on Dirk Nowitzi (as the great white hope). Give me a break, he’s German, not American. There are some who think that Lebron James can steal Dallas’ thunder. The next two to three games will determine if Lebron get’s his first ring. If does win it, this writer hopes the Lebron James haters will get over it quickly.

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  • Jnnclemons5

    LeBron is very talented and business savvy. He has influential friends like Warren Buffett!! Yes he should’ve been a little more sensitive in expressing his desire to leave Cleveland for the beautiful beaches in Miami yet I admire his business sense. Dale Carnegie once said that “unjust criticism can often be interpreted as a compliment”….the haters wll just have to get over it. GO HEAT!!

    • What business savvy? He has destroyed his brand. What positive business sense did he show.
      The criticism of Lebrick is as unjust as the criticism of Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohen, Paris Hilton, and George W. Bush.

      • Cecily

        How did he destroy his brand?  The only thing he did was choose another city in which to practice his profession.  I don’t buy the whole” it was the way he handled it” nonsense because most of the people who are angry, aren’t even Cleveland fans. I’m sure that some of the haters are just disgruntled  fans from other  locations; losers in the LeBron free-agency courtship.  The rest are just haters, who may not be driven by race, but rather, a spoiled brat, entitlement mentality that tells them that everyone should do as THEY are told,  although the “director” isn’t in the position to direct anything.  LeBron is only responsible to himself, his family and the organizations who contract his services.  If people get mad at his legitimate professional choices… then it is what it is.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for your comments.

  • Anonymous

    Right on! Thanks for your comments.


  • Imani

    I’m done with trying to force LeBron into Jordan’s image. Let’s let
    him make his own legacy. Will that legacy lead him to six rings?
    Probably not. But I think LeBron would be ok with that. If he ends up
    with three rings and a lot of good memories along the way, I think he
    will be happy.I could have gotten a higher GPA in college. I
    chose to spend less time studying and more time making memories. You
    might be different from me, but hopefully you can at least respect the
    decision I made.
    Let’s give LeBron the same benefit of the doubt
    that we all hope to have from others when we make our decisions. Let’s
    stop killing him for being the guy who wants to have fun instead of the
    guy who wants to win at all cost. In the end, as soon as we accept
    that, it probably WILL end up leading to some wins for the King. But
    really, that’s not what I want. I just want to see some more of those
    beautifully osmotic moments of basketball.

  • wow. I have just lost a ton of respect this author.
    Any half intelligent analysis of the  polls on the topic shows that not only is the dislike of Lebrick not based on race, BUT THE DEFENSE OF LEBRICK IS ACTUALLY BASED ON RACE. I’m not sure if you watch the Boondocks, but you should watch the episode about R.Kelly. The relevant quote is: “What the hell is wrong with you people? Every famous nigga that gets
    arrested is not Nelson Mandela! Yes, the government conspires to put a
    lot of innocent black men in jail on fallacious charges. But R. Kelly is not one of those men! We all know the nigga can sing, but what
    happened to standards? What happened to bare minimums?” While this is a different situation, I think the principle applies, and I think the professional analysis of the opinion polls bares this out. Black people, particularly, younger black men, are defending prince james because they see him as being unfairly treated and circle the wagons.
    I dont know a single white person who i even suspect doesnt like lebrick for not knowing his place. I, and we, dont want him to succeed because what he did was completely lacking of humility and respect and honor and class and fortitude. Lebrick wanted to be a brand, not a basketball player. He had every right to leave and join with other super stars (in that case, i wouldnt hate him, i would just think hes a wuss). Instead what he did was draw this out and create a big spectacle and draw it out for publicity and branding.
    Its actually hard to argue against your argument because the whole “white people hate lebron because he forgot his place” is so self-evidently baseless.

  • I made this same argument during the Jena Six controversy: When you see racism in every cloud, you make it harder to convince other people when it does happen. When you make claims like race drove whites to not like Lebrick, it makes it harder on those of us who are trying to show that a large portion of the anti-Obama movement is based on racism.

    • Anonymous


      I agree with 1000% that the criticism against our president is indeed based on racism. Pres. Obama could walk on the Potomac and he would still have his detractors. You are right, we can’t cry wolf over the issue of racism.

      My comments on the Lebron article were the results of many discussions with all races of people. His uninspired performance in the 4th quarter isn’t helping his brand either. Again, thanks for your comments and feel free to come back.


  • Chase Roslyn

    I am feeling sooooo terrible for Lebron especially.  I so desperately wanted him to win just to shut folks up.  It is so easy and simple for folks to hate Lebron for living his live on his terms but so easy and simple for those same folks to say what Cousins did to Posey in baseball is a non-issue.  He broke a player’s leg and disabled him indefinitely but that is yea ok because they are both white.  If Torri Hunter had deliberately and viciously hurt another player, he will be thrown out of the league and possible faced criminal charges.  Yes, there is racism in the ole country and it is no longer subtle.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for your comments. I agree with you 1000% Your assessment is dead on. Please come back and share your opinions.