Make America Sane Again

Make America Sane Again

Now that Trump has been sworn into office, what next? Almost immediately after taking the oath of office, the world erupted in protest. From Washington DC, to Europe, South Africa and Latin America people voiced their displeasure at having a demagogue as the leader of the free world.

The hateful rhetoric Trump spewed during his campaign has been difficult to let go for most people. Most of us who are sane don’t see Trump as a good thing for the planet, much less the United States.

Among people of color particularly, the slogan, make America great again is interpreted as make America white again. It’s part of the coded language that many take an affront to. Not since the founding of the republic has then been such a rejection of an incoming president. Trump and his supporters are in denial of this.

In the not very distant future, many American’s will start to reflect on how Obama wasn’t so bad at all. One thing is for certain, Trump received the country in much better shape that Obama did. No one on the right will acknowledge this.

Trump has made many promises that he will not be able to keep. He seems oblivious to the inter connected world we live in. Our allies are very concerned about what foolish actions he will make next. The concern is, one tweet with the wrong 140 characters could start a war, move markets in the wrong direction or give encouragement to our enemies.

Trump’s war with American intelligence agencies is worrisome. As the head of the CIA admonished Trump, “you don’t understand the danger Russia poses to the U.S.” I think we would all agree that our intelligence community knows much more than Trump?

This isn’t the first time a Republican won the presidency by the electoral college. It happened in 1877 with Rutherford B. Hayes. He lost the popular vote, the democrat had won the popular vote. As a compromise the electoral commission gave the election to Hayes in exchange for removing Union troops from the south. This effectively ended reconstruction in the south, unleashing brutal oppression against southern blacks. History will show that it wasn’t until 1964 that blacks were given redress to Jim Crow in the deep south.

I’m not saying America is going back to the end of reconstruction. What I am saying is, it doesn’t look like this is going to end well for Trump. He has a multitude of issues he has to deal with that he seems incapable or unwilling to do. The first that comes to mind is his unwillingness to separate himself from his personal business interests. His crackpot nominees for his cabinet that make most sane people shudder. His cozy relationship with Putin really makes most Americans and the free world very concerned.

Given all the backlash against Trump and he hasn’t been president for a full weekend, it’s my guess and hope that he will be impeached before he can do much damage. If not, he will be a figurehead for Pence and Paul Ryan. I’m not saying Americans want Trump to fail. What I’m saying is Trump will fail America in a very big way.

We need to make America sane again.

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  • Oliver Peoples

    Just want to say, “thanks” for this page. My political views have been evolving over the years but, I was blind as to where I started. Today, I must confess, I am a recovering Republican.

    • Recovered2

      Thank you for stopping by in reading our blog. We can all recover together.