Michael Steele and the GOP

Embattled GOP Chairman Michael Steele will in all likelihood not be reelected to serve as head of the RNC. He has spent all of his political capital. His lack of money management skills and bad judgement has cost him dearly. It is the opinion of most liberals that he was the Republican Party’s stooge. Being named as the head of the RNC has always been viewed as a knee jerk reaction to President Obama’s election. He is window dressing at best. He was the GOP’s boy when it was convenient and it suited them.

What’s sad is he didn’t get any credit whatsoever for the GOP’s thrashing of the democrats in the midterm elections! He does however get all the blame! He has basically been pimped as the GOP’s attack dog against President Obama. You know, the old divide and conqueror. I can’t believe he didn’t see through that! He is totally alienated from his own party and he surely find no love on the other side of the aisle.

It appears that Michael Steele has served his purpose. Where he goes from here is anybody’s guess. It’s doubtful he will be asked to join the talk show circuit or any significant speech making opportunities. He is persona non grata, a man without a country. He is alone in the wilderness. For all intent and purposes he’s a social and political pariah. It’s anyone’s guess if he will be able to rise from the ashes of defeat and dejection.

The blogosphere is full opinions and predictions about where Mr. Steele goes from here. The attached article below is an example of the opining about Mr. Steele. It’s doubtful that he can make a comeback. His colleagues are running away from him like Mark Ferman trying to find the emergency exit at the Apollo Theater! Time will tell, it will be interesting to see if Michael Steele can pick up the pieces.

Steele Attacked Without Being Named – Washington Wire – WSJ.