Mitt Romney – Our next President?

Mitt Romney for president?
Mitt Romney for President?

At the conclusion of last week’s GOP debate, the big question is, does Mitt Romney have a chance to become president? Before Rick Perry’s entrance into the campaign, Michele Bachmann was the one who seem to be the front runner; now enter Rick Perry. The GOP debate turned out to be a duel between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

If this writer had his druthers, I would definitely support Mitt Romney over Rick Perry. While very much an Obama supporter, the current field of Republicans don’t seem to offer much. Rick Perry is certifiably crazy and just as dangerous as Michele Bachmann. It’s interesting that the moderator did not ask Rick Perry about his stance on Texas seceding from the union. One would think, given that position, would you really want a secessionist in the White House?

You have to give Mitt Romney is due, he is civil, he has a track record as a successful businessman and governor of the state of Massachusetts. He looks very presidential, always well attired, perfect hair, hell he looks like a department store mannequin or a Ken doll. It appeared that Mr. Romney actually dumbed down as to not make his opponents feel uncomfortable. Now that was nice of him wasn’t it?

There is one major flaw with Mitt Romney and his presidential campaign. there appears to be no way that Mr. Romney can defend his Massachusetts health plan. His argument that it’s okay for the states to do it but not the federal government, won’t hold water. The whole healthcare issue is Mitt Romney’s Achilles heel. it appears that every time the issue of comprehensive health care has raised, his opponents have been backed into a corner. That dog just won’t hunt.

The other issue that dogs met Romney, is his religion. There are many pundits on the right, who state that evangelicals will never vote for a Mormon. Apparently, in recent polls that appears to be true. While this author believes that we should never mix religion and politics, it will continue to be an issue for Mr. Romney.

Once you look into the Mormon religion, its origins, its ethos and their take on Christianity, it is hard to buy into the Mormon doctrine. This will only continue to be more so the case, as the presidential campaign moves forward. Mr. Romney is an intelligent man, civil and looks the part of president. The question is, will enough American voters turned out and help him win the Republican nomination, much less the presidency?

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  • Kain

    Hope so, I don’t care if he’s not “socially conservative enough”. I don’t give a crap about social conservatism, only fiscal conservatism, I’m not electing someone to be my priest and tell me how to live my personal life, especially if they themselves aren’t following it. 

    Only thing a president should do,  in that area; is  make we are free to practice our faith, and to encourage houses of faith to get more involved in their communities. That is how you do it. I don’t want to hear a fuss about how he’s ok with abortion- yeah abortion sucks, and is horrible- but what happens if the woman’s life is at risk? What happens if its a girl who is raped by someone and is too young to have the child? Such decisions need to ONLY be between the family and more importantly if they believe; god, not the gov not a politician.

    On gay marriage, I could care less if my neighbors next door are a gay couple so long as they are good neighbors. There are many gay people out there who aren’t looking to change the definition of marriage, just want to be able to have their union acknowledged like any other union in rights and so on, why not? And when I hear social conservatives say things that try to equate what those people feel, or go through to bestiality or mental illness, it makes me sick.

  • Zack

    I think people should look into mormonism. The word mormon is just a nickname. The true name of the church is the church of jesus christ of latter daysaints. They name their church after jesus christ yet ehy aren’t dubbed as christians. The catholic, evangilist, and baptist don’t even put christs name into their church. Mormos baptize in the name of the father son and holy ghost, believe in the death and ressurection of the jesus christ, read the bible, and contrary to popular belief, do not practice polygamy and do not pray joseph smith. Polygamy was issued a commandment issued by god, even in ancient times, abraham issac and jacob, the three being reviered in the christian and jewish communties as the first three great patriarchs. They never receive any sort persecution and no one asks why they did it. They were commanded of god to do so. So they did. People really need to grow up and get they’refacts straight before being so negative. I would dare say they are more close to living bible standards than most so called christians are.

  • kAREN cOX


    • President Obama is not a Muslim, he is a Christian.

      • OneTermis2much

         He’s about as Christian and I am muslim…

  • Jack

    You should not have a problem against Romney if he is a Mormon.  Romney will do better for our state as a president he does well for he’s president and family. Genewrich and Santorioum have a bad record both of them cheated on their wives and married 3 times and are judgemental. Romney will not be against Gay Right , Mormonism, Jehoviah Witneess. I as a Baptist shall not judge Romney about his Mormonism and what he believes in as a religious person in America. Mitt Romney should be the president he is wonderful. Go Romney

  • Leerockali

    i heard him give one of his speeches, i thought he had won the presidency…smiles i use to call mormons aka morons…lol but then im married to one now and shes great…weee  go romney!!

  • Lauren

    Go Mitt Romney!! We can’t get you into the white house fast enough.

    • Recovered2

      Keep dreaming!

  • Ivanna Velasquez

    Hmmm… I think evangelicals would have more of a problem voting for a Muslim (Obama) than for a Mormon.

    • qbano55

      Pres Obama is a Christian, it’s been vetted over and over. You’re just as racist as the gringos!

      • RomneyAnytime!

        Obama can say he’s a Christian, and I can say I have 12 fingers; neither of them are true and neither of them ever will be.

  • Jack

    Obama’s not a Muslim, morons, he’s an atheist if anything (which makes him a more attractive candidate from my perspective)