Mitt Romney’s 47 Percent

Mitt Romney's 47%
Mitt Romney’s comments on the 47% will hurt him in November.

Ever since Mitt Romney’s infamous comment about the 47% tongues have been wagging, and it’s not all good. Romney is notorious for political mis-speak. This comment is the latest example of his political ineptness. The good thing is, he has shown his true colors and what he truly believes. Many who support him now feel alienated, because many of them are part of the 47% That Mr. Romney looks down on from on high.

Let’s analyze who is in the 47%. The working poor (who don’t earn enough to pay income tax) are the first that come to mind. Military personnel, teachers, police, firefighters, the elderly, students and retired Americans. This covers a broad swath of the electorate. The Obama camp see Romney’s misstep as a gift from heaven. Romney’s comments has actually caused some supporters to switch camps. It keeps coming back to the fact that he can’t relate to the average American and has nothing in common with them.

There is a lot at stake in the upcoming election. Future Supreme Court Justices that will occupy the court and how they will decide controversial issues such as Affirmative Action, Health Care and Abortion. Not to mention current wars in Afghanistan and a looming potential war with Iran. If Romney were to win, it would be bombs away! This is ironic given how he used his influence and Mormon religion to dodge military service himself (Mormon mission in France).

Republicans have been backing away from Mitt Romney’s comments and putting distance between them and Mr. Romney. Especially those who are running for office. Demeaning comments such as the 47% remark are hard to defend. This remark will continue to dog Mr. Romney up until election day.

All national polls show President Obama in the lead. He has enjoyed a post convention bump in the polls. Comments like the 47% will continue to help the Obama campaign. In spite of the GOP’s attempts at voter suppression, things are going well for President Obama. The GOP knows they need at least 63% of the white vote for Romney to win. If they (GOP) can suppress at least 5% of the minority vote they can win.

Let’s not forget the upcoming debates this Wednesday in Denver. Pres. Obama is a skilled orator and has a command of the facts. Not to mention, he is second to none on international affairs (Romney’s Achilles heel). Both sides have played down expectations on their respective debate performances. The smart money is on Obama, he’ll eat Romney’s lunch. If Romney is hit with a question or topic that he is not prepared for, he’ll have a meltdown on national television. He’s very inept at speaking off the cuff; this is when he is most gaffe prone. In the end, we’ll just see what happens in November.

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