Obama Gays and 2012 Election

Bayard Rustin Dr. Kings closest confidant
Bayard Rustin (far right) who was gay was Dr. King’s confidant

Pres. Obama’s endorsement of Gay marriage has sent shockwaves throughout the world and the U.S. ;will this hurt or help him? The Republicans of course, will use this as political fodder. The big question is, will the black church abandon Pres. Obama’s bid to a second term?

Many want to compare gay marriage to the civil rights struggle of African-Americans in the fifties and sixties. Many Americans are unaware of the significant role of a forgotten civil rights figure in the person of, Bayard Rustin. He was the gay associate and strategist of Dr. Martin Luther King. Mr. Rustin was King’s right hand man and a brilliant strategist. He is also the man behind the enormous success of the 1963 March on Washington.

While Bayard Rustin’s homosexuality didn’t outwardly appear to be a problem for Dr. King, it was only when the F.B.I. exposed Mr. Rustin as a communist, that Dr. King was forced to cut ties with him (Rustin). Many claim that Dr. King, if he were alive today would support gay rights. Given his relationship with Mr. Rustin, it’s probable that Dr. King may have supported civil rights for gays.

What the African-American community needs to be aware of is, the old “divide and conquer” that has successfully been used against people of color (just ask any Native-American) since the founding of the republic! Cooler heads are advising the community that we can’t allow one issue to derail Pres. Obama’s chance at a second term. At the end of the day, there are so many other issues we should all be concerned about. Namely, jobs, health care, the economy, housing, education and failing infrastructure all across America.

The founding fathers were wise when they followed the separation of church and state doctrine. If you take religion out of the equation, gays deserve equal protection under the law as guaranteed under the 14th amendment – period!

The gay issue is only one other issue Obama haters will use to ramp up their hateful campaign against Pres. Obama. While they denounce Obama as a socialist, he’s a lousy one. The stock market has done exceptionally well, American corporations are sitting on trillions of dollars in cash, corporate balance sheets are stronger than ever Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive! Obama is more of hawk than Bush was, tell me how he’s an accommodationist and a socialist?

The right has nothing else they can attack Obama with. He needs to be this non-existent thing (socialist) to make him the boogey man. They are desperate and running scared; why else would they (GOP) institute voter suppression laws to disenfranchise those likely to vote for Obama?

Every president before him has had fund raisers and flew on Air Force One. Now that he (Obama) is president, everyone has a problem with him doing the same. Every time Pres Obama makes a trip to the Los Angeles area, white men just go bonkers “because of traffic jams” during his visits to the southern California; it’s amazing!

Bottom line, all of this hateful anti-Obama rhetoric, voter suppression, dramatic rise in hate crimes and scapegoating of immigrants is nothing more than the “Death Rattle” of white supremacy and privilege, that is seriously on the wane. The “good ole days” are going and gone and it has some people in a state of panic. I guess they’ll just have to get over it, won’t they?

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  • Free Indeed

    I heard someone say that President Obama was our commander in chief and not our “pastor
    in chief!” It’s true. The black church should understand that Obama is entitled to his opinion
    for advocating gay marriage. Yes it will garner more votes from the gay community which is strong politically. I applaud President Obama for taking a stance on the issue. I believe it was Time magazine that called him the “first gay president” which prompted a great deal of clandestine whispering in black churches. My pastor who is a prominent figure in Los Angeles said he wants gays to feel welcome at our church although he hasn’t peeped his hole card publicly about gay marriage. And the saga continues! Excellent article RR ; )

    • Recovered2

      Free Indeed: Thanks for stopping by and reading our latest article. This election is too important to miss! We have to help Pres. Obama win a second term. Please come back and visit us!

  • Rodney C

    Why does Obama need a second term? Has he not done enough damage in four years? I don’t like Romney, but something has to Change so we Americans still have some Hope for the future….. I feel there is no choice but to vote against Obama in November and then against Romney in 2016…
    I wholly agree with your statement, “At the end of the day, there are so many other issues we should all be concerned about. Namely, jobs, health care, the economy, housing, education and failing infrastructure all across America.” if we look at Obama’s record, he has done so much to damage each and every one of these, why should I give him a second chance? he fed us lies, then waited until there was no chance of them passing just so he could say he tried.
    …just to clarify my position, i am neither Republican nor Democrat, just a regular American who has defended the freedoms we used to enjoy.

  • I am for gay marriage I don’t think it should be anyone choice but the gay couple who is getting married… But in 2008 president Obama was against gay marrage he said its not Christian like that it was against his beliefs but now supports it come around election time and just on time for votes.. I just can’t see that being humanly right… To me that is a hypocrite and this is not the you’re of person I want running our country do you…what else is he gonna day now then turn his back on later… He said of he didn’t accomplish what he set out to do in 4 yrs he would not run again… Well he hasn’t so then why is he running again… Let someone else have a crack at fixing this great country and if he doesn’t come through we try another.. We the people have the power to choose so why not take that power and use it wisely…

  • Christina Maclane

    “My father didn’t take a bullet for gay marriage.” – MLK’s daughter