Pat Buchanan: Suicide of a Superpower

Pat Buchanan is a racist
Pat Buchanan caters to racists

Pat Buchanan’s new book is raising eyebrows and a lot of controversy over his assertion that “white America” is losing it’s dominance. It’s the right-wings death rattle of the demographic changes in America. Within the next generation, the term minority will become an oxymoron.

America is becoming more brown and black and that some very concerned. It’s as if no one of color is competent enough to lead America back to better days. Let’s face it, American Exceptionalism is on the decline. China is an emerging power that could pose a financial threat to the United States.

The simple truth is, those who expouse a white supremacy ethos are not happy! As people of color all over the globe assert their independence, it challenges the status-quo. The days of “Leave it to Beaver” and “Father knows best” are over.

Pat Buchanan has always been to the right of Atilla the Hun. His comments on MSNBC may lead to his undoing. How many times have we seen white males make seriously stupid, racist comments and end up losing their job or endorsements? Trust me, this won’t be the last time! They just can’t help themselves.

Mr. Buchanan also challenges the achievement gap in American schools. He believes that heredity, not environment determines academic outcome. This is basically what he concluded to Richard Nixon when he was a white house aid in 1971. Obviously, his thinking has not changed after 30 years.

This professed since of superiority obviously gives comfort to those in the right-wing and justifies cutting back or eliminating programs that might level the playing field. America is becoming too brown and black at rate that makes many white males uncomfortable.

We have an African-American President, Attorney General and now, an African-American GOP front-runner! Can you hear the bigots screaming? Factor in a weak economy, record unemployment and financial uncertainty; and you have a perfect storm.

The lunatic fringe in this country probably sleep with Pat Buchanan’s book and gives them comfort in their bigoted thinking. There are calls far and wide for his [Buchanan’s] ouster from MSNBC. If he is fired, we will hear a loud chorus of support from the right. They will surely site his 1st amendment right to free speech.

Most people don’t stop and think about the fact that “free speech” does not protect hate speech or speech that insights violence. Mr. Buchanan’s book only serves to divide us and open old wounds that make racially healing and reconciliation impossible. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail as we [Americans] navigate a fragile and uncertain world.

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  • Frank

    I’m in agreement with your sentiments.  Speaking of “Father knows best”,  you may try doing a google search on Pat Buchanan’s father and see what you come up with.  It is known that he was a Nazi sympathizer at a time when we were at war with the Nazis.  I guess when Pat mentions heredity is a determinant of academic performance that he is speaking from the standpoint of a true ethnic cleanser.  Nothing has changed in the Buchanan family in 70 years.

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for your comments. Now I understand were ole Pat gets his point of view! Please come back and visit us soon!


  • Revere Man

    —-Prime time, eager helpmate of the infamous, 1972, Rockefeller
    CFR ‘Nick’s–on—MAO’ Summit now on hand to deliver the authorized
    capstone ‘laments’ for teh ‘state of things’.

    Even more disturbing, he’s become nothing less than a full-blown
    apologist for the US taxpayer underwritten, US economy enabled,
    EUGENICS ‘friendly’ RED China ‘Mere—ICK–CULL’.

    This Suicide of a Superpower is NO such thing.

    ——————-This Suicide is, in fact, a case of Rockefeller
    ‘YOUTH —IN —ASIA’.

    ————————————STEER CLEAR!