Paul Mooney Racism Is Here To Stay

According to Paul Mooney racism is here to stay. At times I feel he’s right. This provocative comedian goes right for the jugular in his cutting edge comedy. He is thought provoking and blunt. His brand of comedy is not for the weak. In fact, it can be downright uncomfortable. The truth can be unnerving, he does not sugar coat it.

Paul Mooney doesn’t pull any punches, his comedy is very direct. If you are faint of heart and have a tough time with the truth, don’t listen to Paul Mooney. If you want to get your eyes opened, then Paul Mooney is your man.

The great intellectual W.E.B. Dubois wrote extensively on the subject of race and the caste system it created. In his critically acclaimed book, The Souls of Black Folk. He eloquently dissected the issue of “life behind the veil.” This is the role of duality that all blacks deal with in America. Being black and being American. Paul Mooney is a little more direct in addressing this issue of life behind the veil.

It’s an awkward and sometimes difficult dance trying to balance the two worlds. At the time of it’s writing in the early 1900’s this “dance” was part of survival mode, particularly for Southern blacks. Not finding an adequate balance between the two worlds could have deadly consequences for blacks, especially black males.

Even though Jim Crow has gone (maybe evolved) we still live behind the veil that Dr. Dubois talked about. There is our professional life and then there is our life when we are at “home.” The survival mode that was necessary to function in a more brutally racial time has evolved to a much more subtle dance to gain acceptance in a white world.

There is a certain decorum that is expected for success and acceptance. The best example of this is President Barak Obama. He did everything right. His Ivy league education, his speech, manner and calmness around hostile whites is amazing. Most of us couldn’t pass this test.

President Obama is the epitome of twice as good to be equal! With all of his qualifications he is still suspect in the eyes of the far right. The right wing will never accept his presidency. These idiots are still asking to see his birth certificate! As a liberal Republican, thank God for Obama! Paul Mooney would have been more blunt on this point.

Mr. Obama is painfully aware that if he were to take on any issue that would impact or help the black community is presidency would be doomed. It’s not fair to put this kind of pressure on the man. Those who scrutinize his every move would love to stoke the fires of racial indifference and pile on. Until we can deal with each other as human beings we are indeed domed to live in a world where racism, subtle and otherwise will flourish. This scenario seems to prove Paul Mooney correct on his assessment of race relations.

  • allcladrad

    The comic has it right, racism is here to stay. But, it really is a small part of the overall discrimination practiced around the globe.

    “Racism” is a hot button word that is abused and misused by everyone from the president on down.

    Speaking of the president, he was elected by the majority and like any other president needs to perform. He has made several missteps, errors of judgment and with held information that was of a concern to the public. Those instances should bring about criticism and have nothing to do with race.

    To say any criticism directed towards him by the far right are based on racism is a blatant display of racism in its purist form. Not only did you display racism, you used it as an excuse for BHOs failures, missteps and errors of judgment.

    Try letting him stand or fall on his abilities, not his race and we will all be better off.

  • Thank you for your comment. I agree with what you said. However, there are those who would still not give Mr.Obama his due if he walked on water and cleaned up all the oil.

    To deny their existence is to have our heads in the sand.



  • allcladrad

    They are probably Rs, just like when GWB was pres they were mostly Ds.

    So ditch the race BS and lets deal with BHOs abilities and inabilities.

    Let me start with a huge inability, leadership, oil spill as an example. We are all still waiting for a leadership role, not a talk the talk thing, but a walk the walk deal.

    Ability, he was part of a great get elected team and is an eloquent speake, a bright man.

  • We appreciate your comments.



  • Amiable post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

    • Thanks for helping proof read my article. I see it got your attention!

    • You are correct, articles should be proof read more carefully. I have five blogs in two languages. By the way, I have an MBA. Of course “education” is an ongoing process.


  • Great, I never knew this, thanks.

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