President Obama is a Natural-Born Citizen

Let’s all take a big deep cleansing breath, Pres. Barack Obama is a natural-born American citizen. All of this controversy surrounding President Obama is really getting nauseating. After a heated debate on the view today between Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Trump, and amidst much acrimony; the debate is still not settled. Whoopi Goldberg brought up a good point. When was the last time they asked a white president for his birth certificate? So why the urgency to see an Obama birth certificate?

What makes this notion insane regarding President Obama’s citizenship, is the fact that the vetting process is so intense, intrusive and thorough. Anyone with any shred of common sense has got to realize, that being the first black president not only was he vetted, they were probably trying to find any type of dirty laundry which would have disqualified then, candidate Obama.

Whether you’re a liberal or conservative or an Obama Republican, let’s face it, the right-wing in this country would have never allowed him to get past the vetting process if anything questionable would have turned up to prove that President Obama was not a citizen — let’s get real!

It seems that the birthers and conservatives come out of the woodwork whenever there are more pressing issues that we as Americans need to be concerned with. We have the wars in the Middle East, the economy here at home, the recent tragedy in Japan including the potential nuclear meltdown. Come on – really? In the grand scheme of things, this is a distraction that takes the American people’s focus off of the real problems that we need to face.

After the midterm elections, the Republicans stated that the American electorate voted loud and clear, what their desires were. It’s about jobs, jobs, and the economy. Now the Republicans seem to be stalling and going back on their promise to address the issue of jobs or lack thereof.

It seems that when ever our country comes into a tight spot with our bad economy and natural disasters the Republicans seem to reach for any controversy involving President Obama to distract the American people and take their mind off of the problem and the Republicans shortcomings in not addressing voter concerns.

As a liberal Republican and Obama supporter, I understand that this is a concern for all Americans. The majority of Americans realize that President Obama is a natural – born American citizen, and it’s a non-issue. We need to collectively tear ourselves away from the distractions, and the acrimony and focus on what’s really important, and that’s saving our country and maintaining our status as the world leader.

  • Smoker

    There’s a car buying commercial airing that says “show me the car fax.” Want to put an end to all these naysayers and conservatives, “show me the birth certificate.” Simple solution to a nagging question. Put it to rest once and for all.

  • Your post makes no sense. You say you support Obama and yet you want us all to work towards maintaining our status as the world leader…yet your Obama doesn’t want America to be the world leader. He is ashamed of America and how derisive and arrogant we have been towards other nations. He wants just to be their equals, not the world leader of nations.

    I’m guessing you have forgotten all about McCain being asked for his BC…..I guess that didn’t count, because he was only a candidate for POTUS as the time. Or maybe you don’t consider McCain white? And come on – is race the only come back you have for those wanting to see his BC? Surely you can come up with something better as an argument…..unless that’s the best you have.

    This country and it’s partisan politics just slay me. One the one hand, we are such a progressive post-racial country because we elected the first black president, yet suddenly anyone who questions anything about him is racist? And I have another question…since I seem to remember that Obama had a white mother, is he really the first black president, and when we do elect a black man with both a black mother and father, what will you call him? The first REAL black president? And you think I’m a racist?!?!?!?!

    It’s not about race – the only ones making it about race are the ones who have no real argument for why he shouldn’t show his BC….or don’t realize that it takes 2 US Citizen parents on US soil to make a NBC. The Constitution says Natural Born Citizen…not natural – born American citizen (you’ve lifted Fukino’s words there). If both of his parents had consisted of a US white Citizen mother and a US black Citizen father, and had been born in Hawaii, Obama would be golden – no pun intended. But that simply is not the case as he has presented it to us.

    Actually, we really have no idea who his biological mother and father was, because he refuses to show us his BC. For all I know he actually could be a NBC, because his biological parents were not Ann Dunham and Obama Sr……we just don’t know, and because I NEVER EVER believe a politician without proof, I’m not going to just take Obama’s word as fact.

    I can’t imagine anyone taking his word as fact. We all know that ALL politicians lie – Obama is no different.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your comments. We invite all of you reading this post to respond.


  • Don’tLetTheFactsGetInTheWay

    When was the last candidate for president born to a non-U.S. citizen, then his step-father takes him as a young boy to Indonesia to be schooled in a Madrasah? And his own mother’s family don’t agree where he was born? Whoopie Goldberg’s point was not a valid argument, just a left-wing distraction.

  • JamminJo

    Obama’s BC has caused a lot of gossip and speculation. Why dont he just shows us so we can put the rumors to rest. If he has nothing to hide than why wont he let a major network or magazine display it on the front page. I wonder if any past or future president would have an issue showing us their BC.

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