The Republican Minstrel Show

Michele Bachmann is she bat shit?
Michele Bachmann is scarier than Sarah Palin!

And you thought minstrels were only in black face? Not so, between Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman, high tech minstrelsy is here, and boy, it’s hilarious. The Republican Minstrel show goes on ad hominem. It’s the minstrel show to beat all minstrel shows! You just never know what’s going to come out of their mouths. In all fairness to Sarah Palin, I think Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party darling, is the crazier of the two.

She down right scares me. Sarah Palin’s star seems to be dimming these days, particularly after her unfortunate comments after the Tucson shooting. Between the two of them, if they keep up with their insane antics, this will help President Obama’s reelection chances in 2012. Most sane and rational people just shake their heads at the insane comments and rhetoric from these two.

Michele Bachmann just this past February warned of God’s wrath if we obey the wishes of our founding fathers. She stated that we should ignore the wishes of our founding fathers, “To treat all nations the same – as our allies unless and until they were to prove otherwise – by attacking our nation on U.S. soil.”

The founding fathers were called “separatists.” The reason being that they believed in EQUAL international trade policies; “equal” as in NO special trade deals between our nation and any other nation, regardless of their political structure.

Apparently, Michele Bachmann has this idea in her head, as do many of our fellow Americans to be fair, to elevate Israel above all other nations, including our friendly allies, in order to avoid having our country wiped off the map by God. Really? Wow!

To be fair, we can’t lay all of this at the feet of Republicans. Republicans and Democrats alike seem to have bought into this anti-separatist following. Does this make the writer of this blog anti-Semitic? No, not at all. Just making the case for fair international trade policies.

As far as Michele Bachmann goes, is there any way from keeping any microphone away from her and stopping the Republican Minstrel Show? As the votes were coming in during the mid-term elections, and it was becoming clear that Republicans took control of the house, Ms. Bachmann gave the infamous interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

Matthews repeatedly asked Bachmann about the Republicans using subpoena power to investigate Democrats for “UN-American activities.” Bachmann almost seemed to be in a trance as she kept parroting sound bites about the economy,taxes and protecting our borders. Apparently she was a little more prepared after the disastrous interview she had with Matthews on “Hardball” in 2008.

I know a lot of moderate,liberal and Obama Republicans who find both Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann abhorrent in their political views and their right-wing antics. They both have a serious lack of intelligence and understanding, when it comes to geography and geo-political knowledge. The world is too complicated and dangerous to have a couple of minstrels putting us in even more danger. Jim Crow and Jim Dandy seemed to have been replaced by Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman; the new Minstrel Show that you can find on your local station.

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