Rick Perry & N.A.R.

Rick Perry and NAR
Rick Perry drank the Kool Aid

America would become a theocracy under Rick Perry.

Rick Perry appears to be an astute politician, the problem is, his involvement with The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). To say that their ideology is far right is an understatement. They are so far right they make the Tea Party look liberal. NAR is under the belief that if they can convert enough Jews to Christianity they can expedite the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The founding fathers were right to call for separation of church and state. It appears they want to bring America into a right-wing, evangelical theocracy. It’s amazing that most of the American electorate is not aware of Rick Perry’s involvement in this underground, yet powerful movement. As the Republican field gets ready to intensify the battle for their parties nomination, this revelation will more than likely knock Rick Perry out of the race.

NAR has the belief that somehow Democrats are Satan worshipers because of their tolerance to gays. And that Oprah Winfrey is the Anti-Christ? Really? Are you beginning to see how dangerous this group is? They’ve even gone as far to recruit Black pastors to preach to their congregations about the evils of the Democratic party! Absolutely amazing, isn’t it? They absolutely frown on any form of tolerance.

They promote “spiritual warfare” being fought for the souls of those who want to go up in the “rapture.” They believe in fighting evil “principalities” that will wage war in the end times. NAR has a cadre of Messianic Jews, who have converted to Christianity to proselytize Jews and convert them. According to NAR the beast is among us and will fight to defeat and repel the second coming of Jesus in the end times.

The controversy over Rick Perry’s involvement with NAR can’t be overstated. his involvement with such a right-wing organization is unconscionable and has no place in a potential presidential campaign. It’s amazing to this writer how uninformed the electorate is in Mr. Perry’s Association with NAR. This raises the question, why have the apostles behind Rick Perry’s prayer rally been invisible to most Americans?

Leaders of several family values organizations gave their blessings to the affair (a prayer rally), but were also anxious to deny the sectarian nature of the event, even calling it a “generic call to prayer.” the nation is now dotted with nondenominational churches and ministries with little outward identification of their particular ideology and associations. Many of these ministries are part of the New Apostolic Reformation.

As the major ideological leader and organizer of the movement, C. Peter Wagner uses the term New Apostolic Reformation regularly, as seen in the titles of some of the more than 70 books he has authored. during the decade of the 1990s Wagner assumed a leadership role in what became known as the new apostolic Reformation. He became the presiding apostle of the international coalition of apostles (ICA) and also founded a more intimate group of apostolic alignment, Eagles vision apostolic team (EVAT). In the 2000s, he began to move strongly in promoting the Dominion mandate for social transformation, adopting the template of the seven mountains or the 7-M mandate for practical implementation.

Many Americans mistakenly believe that nondenominational means “interdenominational” or inclusive of a wide range of beliefs. The apostles have been willing to overlook many typical doctrinal disagreements and they are multi-racial and multi-ethnic, but otherwise, tolerance is not seen as a virtue.

The apostles of the NAR view themselves as leading the one legitimate church and unifying Christianity for the end times. In their end time scenario, it is necessary to take control over societal and governmental entities before Jesus can return. But first, as could be heard repeatedly in the messages at Rick Parry’s prayer e-mail, the church has to repent and be cleansed.

Rick Perry’s involvement with such an organization is so scary and so dangerous, and it has absolutely no place in any type of political campaign. It’s the hope of this writer, along with the rest of us who are sane in the American body politic that Rick Perry’s presidential campaign will not gain traction once millions of Americans are awakened to the fact that Mr. Perry has such a close association with such an extremist and intolerant group.

Obviously, Rick Perry along with those who subscribe to the NAR doctrine have drank the Kool-Aid; most of them have drank the Kool-Aid directly from the pitcher. With these types of loons vying for the Republican nod in the upcoming 2012 election, it appears they’re actually doing President Obama a favor. As Americans take notice of the far rights, extremist and intolerant views, and the majority of the field who are vying for the Republican nomination, it will only serve to secure President Obama’s election to a second term.

America has come a long way to fight intolerance, indifference and bigotry. The very existence of a group such as the New Apostolic Reformation, threatens all of our hard fought gains in tolerance and inclusion. it’s this writers hope that the American public wakes up and shuns any effort by the NAR to expand and wield influence in the political process. This is not what the founding fathers set forth as our nation was born.

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