Sarah Palin and 2012

Sarah Palin is somewhat of an enigma to most Americans. She is not even vaguely qualified to run for the highest office in the land, yet she pursues it. You have to give her credit for the chutzpah she has. If it’s one thing she is not lacking it’s self confidence!

Most reasonable people want their president / leaders to be smarter than them. Sarah Palin’s lack of intellectual ability leaves much to be desired. Obama Republicans, Liberal Republicans and Recovering Republicans cringe at the notion of her ever occupying the white house. Mainstream Republicans for that matter put plenty of distance between themselves and Sarah Palin.

The only demographic group that truly follows Sarah Palin are white males over 50; most of them are Tea Party members. Given the Tea Party makes most mainstream and liberal republicans nervous doesn’t bode well for her chances as a viable candidate for the presidency.

Minorities and women don’t have any love for Sarah Palin at all. This appears to be an uphill battle for her. Given her propensity for making on-air gaffes and showing her lack of knowledge on basic geography and politics, I don’t see how she can pull it off.

The only way Sarah Palin makes it into the white house is that everyone is stupid or has had a lobotomy. The world is a very tentative and dangerous place. American needs strong, competent and intelligent leadership in today’s world. You can no longer count on diplomacy solving all of our problems.

I’m sure our enemies would love to see Sarah Palin in the white house! As intelligent as President Obama is, he catches all kinds of static from Republicans. Just watching any on camera interviews with Sarah Palin, it becomes painfully obvious that she is not ready for prime time. Are you willing to risk the future of America on Sarah Palin’s intellectual shortcomings? I think not!

Sarah Palin is going to have enough problems in her own camp. She committed heresy by not showing up at the big CPAC (Conservative Action Committee) meeting this week! It seems that the GOP would be hard pressed to take her seriously by not showing up at an event the magnitude of CPAC; and The Republican straw poll to see how potential Republican candidates would fare in the upcoming 2012 elections.

Then there is the issue of the Tea Party and “old school” Republicans not getting along. Another interesting sidebar is the participation of the pro gay rights group GOProud. The more conservative groups such as the Heritage Foundation opted to boycott the event. With all this infighting, where will this take the GOP?

The sideshow in the “big tent” was Rick Santorum, who called out Sarah Palin for being a no show at the big kick off to the upcoming primary season. Ironically, this drew much attention to Mr. Santorum who probably would have gone unnoticed otherwise. Palin still manages to dominate even as a no show to the highly touted CPAC convention.

All the sideshow shenanigans aside, I want my president to have a command of geopolitics and current events and not have to read prompts from her hand. Palin left the governor’s office midway through her term and left the people and the state of Alaska high and dry. Is that what we want in our president?

Shooting moose from a helicopter hardly qualifies one to govern the American people. Speaking of shooting, the tragedy in Tucson for all intent and purposes have her approval ratings at an all time low. Tucson has become Sarah Palin’s Chappaquiddick. It’s doubtful she will recover from this.

Furthermore, her unrepentant guile in the face of such an enormous tragedy only shows just how clueless and indifferent she really is. If she was without any guilt in at least giving tacit consent for violent disagreement in political discourse, why did she remove the cross-hair targets from her Facebook page?

Hopefully, when the election primaries roll around in 2012 those of us caught up in the mystique of Sarah Palin will realize it’s a mistake. The others will feel like the neighbor who took an Ambien and wakes up naked on their front lawn, only to try and remember what was the big deal about Sarah Palin in the first place?