Sarah Palin Revelations

Sarah Palin - Black men
Sarah Palin is done!

Sarah Palin is done!

The bombshell that was dropped this past week by writer Joe McGinniss has rocked the political world. Sarah Palin appears to be another disingenuous conservative who is not what she appears to be. Her conservative credentials have been tarnished and rendered null and void. Hopefully this book, which is an unauthorized biography, will close a chapter in the comic tragedy which is Sarah Palin.


Allegations of cocaine use and particularly, her alleged fetish for black men is not surprising. Having been a college student in the 70s, it was common that young women from conservative backgrounds wanted to test the waters so to speak and eat of the “forbidden fruit” (black men). It turns out that Sarah Palin is a closet Kardashian.

In her defense (Sarah Palin) let those among us without sin cast the first stone. We’ve all given in to youthful exuberance in one way or another in our youth. The issue most of us have is how disingenuous so many on the right are when it comes to issues of integrity, family values and their pro-ported conservatism.

Sarah Palin has always had an uncanny knack for always saying something stupid on an open mic, and always played loose with the facts. How anyone could have possibly wanted to see her in the white house, or taken her seriously, is beyond this writers comprehension.

Her dysfunctional family was another issue that wouldn’t fly. It’s almost comical that she and her daughter push abstinence while having babies out of wedlock. Can you imagine if President Obama’s daughters were doing that? You get the point, I’m sure.

We could go on and on why Sarah Palin is unsuitable for the presidency. No need to kick her while she’s down. Let’s just say, this was the best thing that could have happened to the electorate.

The GOP has enough crazies vying for the Republican nomination without Palin getting in the mix. Mitt Romney is the only sensible one of the bunch. All of this of course plays into helping President Obama get re-elected.

I’m sorry but, this writer wants his president to be smart! Obama is more like a moderate Republican and not a liberal Democrat. We need someone in the middle, not on the lunatic fringe.

We live in an increasingly dangerous world. America needs someone who is steady, thoughtful and intelligent. Someone who doesn’t refute scientific evidence on things like climate change for example. Someone who doesn’t pander to the right-wing religious extremists who want to take us back to the dark ages (no pun intended!).

Sarah, thanks for all the comical soundbites and your interpretation of history and geo-politics. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your retirement in Wasilla, Alaska! One last question, what are you going to do with your across America RV?

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