Should Armed Citizens Be Allowed To Carry Near the President?

The following is a letter that was sent to CNN’s Jack Cafferty by one of our viewers. I agree with him wholeheartedly!


I am embarrassed to acknowledge I live in Phoenix and knuckleheads like that one are allowed near a Presidential event with an assault rifle. I can’t believe while Dubya was in office, people would be forced by the Secret Service or Republican operatives to leave events for simply having an anti-Bush bumper sticker on their cars or an anti-Bush t-shirt…and yet, twice now, we’ve allowed these idiots alarmingly close access to the president.

This is a disaster waiting to happen…

I wonder what would happen if someone and a half-dozen of their friends showed up at a Bush/McCain/Cheney/Rove/Republican du jour event with assault weapons…somehow I seriously doubt they [armed citizens] would be allowed anywhere near them… Why is it ok for this kind of access to our first biracial president?

Andy Rodriguez-McCradic