Steve Jobs Legacy

"Steve Jobs Innovations"
Steve Jobs Legacy

Steve Jobs lived an incredible life. Much will be written about his legacy and the indelible imprint he left on this life. He is arguably one of the most visionary men of our century. He did for technology what Henry Ford and Thomas Edison had done in the previous century with industry.

Steve Jobs redefined “cross-over” appeal. People of all races, languages and cultures embraced him as the change agent he was. There has been much written about his mercurial temper and his pursuit of the next big thing.

His ability to bring disparate groups of people together via technology and his inventions far surpasses any other human being on the planet. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Democrats and Republicans could do the same? Better yet; the Republicans and President Obama?



You could venture to the posh upscale enclaves of the rich or go to the hood and his products were equally ubiquitous. Steve Jobs life was both trans-formative and transcendent in that regard. It’s doubtful we will ever have another individual like him.

Steve Jobs brought a refreshing change of pace in a world where so much divides us in terms of race, politics etc. This was a big part of the movement that made it possible for Barack Obama to become president; a promise of something better through change.

Contrast Steve Jobs life of innovation and out of the box thinking with the jaded culture of politics today. As things begin to heat up and get ugly as we get closer to election time, lets reflect on how Steve Jobs brought people together with technology.

Steve Jobs gave the address for Stanford University’s commencement in 2007. He spoke of his mortality and being productive with your life and not living someone else’s dream. To follow your passion and desire for achievement. We could all learn a lesson from this.

President Obama has made countless attempts to bring people together, namely Republicans. They won’t have any of that. It would be wonderful if somehow we could get past partisan bickering and find common ground.

As American’s, there is much common ground between us. Our love of family and country, the promise of a better tomorrow for our children etc. If there is nothing else we can learn from Steve Jobs incredible life, we can aspire to work to bring people together through common ground and not focus on our differences. Steve Jobs, you will be missed, thanks for all you’ve done to bring people together with your marvelous products and innovative thinking.

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