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The NBA and White Fans

A controversial article was published this week that makes the assertion that white fans don’t want to follow the NBA because of the overwhelming dominance by black players. The number of white American players is down precipitously over the last decade.

This week as the Boston Celtics make major trades as well as other NBA trades this argument only comes to the fore. The hip hop culture may relate to the NBA. Many young suburban whites are definitely in the fold. They are enthusiastic fans of the NBA.

Sports writer, Buzz Bissinger has tongues wagging with his assertion that most white fans are unenthusiastic about supporting or watching black athletes play in the NBA. There are some quarters that proclaim this is nonsense. Some say the economy is one reason, others admit, there are some whites who have a problem watching blacks do anything. NPR radio featured this story on one of their programs. There are some that state when Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan burst on the scene, the popularity of the NBA skyrocketed.

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