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2012 Election will be Ugly

"2012 election racist rancor"
2012 election will be nasty

White rage and a dearth of new Republican ideas should result in a noxious and racially tinged 2012 election campaign next year.

As many a would-be prophet can attest, predicting the future is one surefire way of making yourself look ridiculous. When your prognostication goes wrong, the only ones who look sillier than you are those who believed in the forecast.

Take, for example, radio Bible thumper Harold Camping, who whipped legions of evangelical Christians into a frenzy by claiming that the rapture, in which the faithful would be literally spirited up into heaven, was going to take place last Saturday. Lo and behold, we — and he — are still here. But instead of curing Camping of being a seer, that seemingly incontrovertible piece of evidence only forced him to revise his schedule. He now says the end of the world will take place on Oct. 21, and I hope he is right.

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Immigration Reform – The Time is Now!

"Obama needs to act on immigration reform"
Obama will win Immigration Reform

As the presidential campaign starts to take flight, President Obama is calling for much needed immigration reform. With no clear Republican candidates who have officially thrown their hat in the ring, President Obama has a clear head start on his re-election bid.

After a very successful week in the wake of the killing of Bin Laden and Donald Trumps poll numbers imploding, President Obama’s re-election prospects look very good indeed. Obama has a decidedly strong advantage over the Republican field on this hot-button topic. He is perceived as a “friendly” and not a hostile combatant as the Republicans are.

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Obama – We Got Him-Bin Laden

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Obama - "We Got Him - Bin Laden"
Obama's approval up after bin Laden's death.

Obama – We Got Him-Bin Laden

Bin Laden – By now you’re all intoxicated from the news of Bin Laden. All major media outlets are reporting on it [Bin Laden] ad nauseum. It seems that for the most part this a bi-partisan triumph for the Obama administration. Almost a decade later, America finally has justice for the terrible atrocities committed on September 11, 2001.

President Obama was stellar as he addressed the nation on the details of Osama’s death this past Sunday night. The irony is that Obama’s big message pre-empted Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” talk about poetic justice! Pres. Obama said he called former-president George W. Bush to advise him of bin Laden’s death.

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Barack Obama and Birthers

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Birthers lose Obama wins
Obama was born in America!

Barack Obama is an American citizen! Enough already with the kooky birthers and their insane charges leveled against President Obama. Perhaps they would be happy if the state of Hawaii could produce pictures or video showing Obama as he came out of the womb with the placenta attached and Don Ho in the background playing Hawaiian music on his ukulele.

We have three wars going, a fragile economy, nuclear disaster in Japan and air traffic controllers taking siestas placing us all in danger. Come on people, we have much bigger fish to fry. Given the hand Barack Obama was dealt, he is doing an admirable job, all things considered.

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Obama 2012 – The Latino Vote

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"Obama and Latino Vote"
Obama - Latino vote key in 2012!

Obama 2012 – President Obama officially announced he is running for re-election this past week. The Republicans are frothing at the mouth to beat him. One problem however, he really has a great chance at winning re-election. Obama is sure bet to get the Latino vote in 2012.

The Latino vote will be a huge factor in who wins. The Republicans realize that they need this valuable constituency if they want to take back the white house. One problem, all polls show that Latinos heavily favor Barack Obama. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed. The Dream Act’s failure is where everyone missed the boat including the democrats. President Obama should have been a more vocal supporter of the Dream Act. Republicans were down right hostile towards this legislation. This would have allowed the children of undocumented immigrants to attend college in the U.S. We missed a great opportunity.

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Obama 2012 – Why He Will Get Re-elected

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President Barack Obama
Can Pres Obama work with Republicans

Obama 2012! President Barack Obama will get reelected! Some on the right will take this prediction as political heresy. If the economy continues to improve, unemployment goes down and we save face in Libya, Obama will win reelection; barring anymore global catastrophes. The main reason Obama will win reelectionare the potential Republican candidates that will oppose him.

The electorate will ultimately vote their pocketbooks and their best interests; at least the sane ones will. The other tangible or intangible depending, on your point of view is Obama’s charisma and his squeaky clean (scandal proof) image. Love him or hate him, he is a fine father, husband, has superior intellect and is a man of unimpeachable integrity who seems to stay above the fray of petty partisan bickering. In the final analysis, people like those qualities in their leaders and trust them. Everyone realizes that President Obama inherited a mess unlike any of his predecessors. Two wars and an economy on the verge of total meltdown. All things considered, he [Obama] has done an admirable job. His ratings in the polls have been fair to good. If things continue to improve look for a second term. Let’s take a look at those who are vying for the GOP nod in 2012.

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President Obama is a Natural-Born Citizen

Let’s all take a big deep cleansing breath, Pres. Barack Obama is a natural-born American citizen. All of this controversy surrounding President Obama is really getting nauseating. After a heated debate on the view today between Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Trump, and amidst much acrimony; the debate is still not settled. Whoopi Goldberg brought up a good point. When was the last time they asked a white president for his birth certificate? So why the urgency to see an Obama birth certificate?

What makes this notion insane regarding President Obama’s citizenship, is the fact that the vetting process is so intense, intrusive and thorough. Anyone with any shred of common sense has got to realize, that being the first black president not only was he vetted, they were probably trying to find any type of dirty laundry which would have disqualified then, candidate Obama.

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President Obama’s Interview with Bill O’Reilly

President Obama held his own with Bill O’Reilly on Superbowl Sunday. He showed incredible poise given the disrespectful and hostile interview he was subjected to. At first I thought it was just me since I’m such a big fan of the president.

In the days following the interview, co-workers and friends all concurred that O’Reilly had no sense of professional etiquette or decorum in his interaction with President Obama. Bill Maher on his show Friday evening went on a rant on O’Reilly’s lack of respect for President Obama and brought up some good points.

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Michelle Obama Pregnant?

After posting serious topics, I thought I would delve into musing about rumors and other silly stuff. The following article were contributed by Chris Cunnyngham and TONIFITZ76. We can get serious again in my next article. Enjoy the musing of those who have nothing better to do.

Michelle Obama is pregnant! Avril Lavigne has died! How do I know this information? Because Twitter told me so!!
The only problem with the two stories is that they are both completely fake having been made up by some prankster hoping to turn the headlines into a viral tweet-fest.

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NASA has a new Chief Science Officer

NASA has a new Chief Science Officer in Dr. Waleed Abdalati. He didn’t have much of a honeymoon. Conservatives immediately denounced the appointment as an affirmative action move! How sad, this man with impeccable academic credentials has to deal with the intolerance of conservatives.

He might as well be on Mars studying climate change, earthquakes and global warming! Dr. Abdalati is considered an expert in global warming and the fading polar ice sheets. He will serve as top advisor to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden on a range of science issues.

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