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Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser is Winner
Biggest Loser John Rhode is Winner!

Biggest Loser is Winner!

John Rhode, the biggest losers most recent winner did what most of us consider the impossible. He lost a total of 220 lbs! You have to respect anyone with that kind of determination and drive to will themselves to lose that kind of weight.

When I first noticed the “Biggest Loser,” I thought how gross! It’s hard not to be moved by some of the touching stories of the contestants, many must lose weight or die – literally! In an age where it’s predicted that many of our children will die younger than us due to lifestyle, it’s especially sobering.

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Thick is the new Fat

"Thick is the new fat"
Thick the way it was meant to be!

The following article was written by guest blogger, Imani Sassy.

Thick is the new fat; and it’s not really healthy. I get compliments all the time by men who say “you look good and thick.” Thanks but it’s not really good for my heart to be “thick.” I totally understand the visual aspect of having curves BUT enough is enough with this euphemism.

I plan to loose the body fat, gain muscle and maintain healthier eating habits. I now cook mustard/collard greens with olive oil and smoked turkey. The fat from the meat is trimmed and thrown away and guess what? Family and friends enjoy the taste of this Southern American inspired side dish.

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