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Pat Buchanan: Suicide of a Superpower

Pat Buchanan is a racist
Pat Buchanan caters to racists

Pat Buchanan’s new book is raising eyebrows and a lot of controversy over his assertion that “white America” is losing it’s dominance. It’s the right-wings death rattle of the demographic changes in America. Within the next generation, the term minority will become an oxymoron.

America is becoming more brown and black and that some very concerned. It’s as if no one of color is competent enough to lead America back to better days. Let’s face it, American Exceptionalism is on the decline. China is an emerging power that could pose a financial threat to the United States.

The simple truth is, those who expouse a white supremacy ethos are not happy! As people of color all over the globe assert their independence, it challenges the status-quo. The days of “Leave it to Beaver” and “Father knows best” are over.

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Rick Perry is Toast!

"Rick Perry Implodes"
Rick Perry is Toast!

Texas Toast

The Republican camp is imploding! They seem to change front runners like we change underwear. After knocking off Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry’s star is beginning to fade. In his third debate this past Friday, he failed to impress. In fact, he actually performed like a sixth grader who hadn’t done his homework; Herman Cain stole the day.

The Republicans have found themselves in a conundrum. Mitt Romney is not getting any love from the extreme right and the tea party. They do not want to promote him as the candidate who becomes the eventual nominee. The other problem, is their hard right candidates will not do well with independents and right of center voters in a primary or general election. This of course, helps Obama in winning a second term and they know it.

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Sarah Palin Revelations

Sarah Palin - Black men
Sarah Palin is done!

Sarah Palin is done!

The bombshell that was dropped this past week by writer Joe McGinniss has rocked the political world. Sarah Palin appears to be another disingenuous conservative who is not what she appears to be. Her conservative credentials have been tarnished and rendered null and void. Hopefully this book, which is an unauthorized biography, will close a chapter in the comic tragedy which is Sarah Palin.


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Sarah Palin – “We Must Stand with our allies in North Korea!”

Sarah Palin really scares me! Her most recent comment on the Glenn Beck Show proves how spectacularly stupid she is! Her latest blunder has anyone with half a brain yelling out a resounding WTF! The following story was submitted by HUMA KHAN of ABC News.

Was is it a simple blunder or did a possible 2012 presidential contender really get her geography wrong? That’s the question being debated after Sarah Palin said in an interview with Glenn Beck Wednesday that North Korea was a U.S. ally.

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Joe Arpaio America’s Sheriff

Immigration debate has intensified as of late in Phoenix Arizona. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is regarded as the ultimate law enforcement officer when it comes to illegal immigration. This man seems to go above and beyond the call to harass and intimidate and persecute Arizona’s undocumented population. He is scorned by the likes of the ACLU and other civil rights organizations. But he is hailed as a hero by the hard right who believe that the undocumented alien is affecting the quality of life in the Phoenix area.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio likes to brag that he has been reelected five times in Maricopa County. Unfortunately there is a hard-core racist anti-immigrant faction in Arizona as well as other parts of the country that see Sheriff Arpaio as some sort of hero. I have had the opportunity to listen to Sheriff Joe Arpaio on several occasions on podcasts news programs and each time during interviews he is very recalcitrant, defensive and most importantly an unrepentant oppressor of undocumented aliens in Maricopa County Arizona.

My question is how much longer this will go on? As long as you have a faction of the population who sees this man is eligible for sainthood in his relentless pursuit of undocumented aliens. It appears that Mr. Joe Arpaio has shredded the United States Constitution and thumbed his nose at federal authorities. This is being perceived by most sane people as extreme anti-immigration persecution.

I believe at some point Sheriff Arpaio will be held to account for these racial profiling type raids that he conducts on anyone looking Hispanic or appears to be undocumented. There’ve been countless reports that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his goon squad kicked down doors hauling off legal residents as well as some undocumented in these raids. Countless people have come forward showing that they are legal residents of Maricopa County and were unfortunate enough to be in the crosshairs of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s anti-immigrant posse.

At some point Sheriff Joe Arpaio will cross the line and he will be brought to justice are held to account for his actions. Moreover, it will force the Obama administration to look at and review current immigration policy or reform. The dialogue on immigration has taken a backseat to more pressing issues like two wars the economy and health reform. I’m sure sooner or later immigration reform will be brought back to the fore. Ironically, Mr. Joe Arapaio’s parents were both immigrants to this county! Go figure.



"Blackwater are mercenaries"
Blackwater should be closed down

No, not the hit song by The Doobie Brothers from the mid 70’s; I really like that song! I’m talking about the goose stepping good ole boys from North Carolina. Yeah, you know the ones; the trained mercenaries who are ostensibly protecting American Diplomats in Iraq.

Their behavior goes way beyond the pale. They should all be tried for war crimes and treason. The actions are intolerable and unconscionable. If any other country engaged in such activity they would be brought before a war tribunal.

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GOP – Just a Thought…..

This past election the GOP saw defections like never before! Latino’s as well as African-Americans left the GOP in droves! Their politics of fear and division was their ultimate undoing. The GOP has some major soul searching as they pick up the pieces and contemplate where they go from here.

The GOP was in awe of the Democrats well oiled machine that steamrolled them into the white house along with other key races. How did they do it? INCLUSION! When are the Republicans going to learn? Pundits have predicted that unless the GOP can get Latino’s in large numbers back into the fold, they will never win the presidency again! Latino’s were always reliable in the past two presidential elections. Their fear mongering shot them in the foot!

The GOP needs to do some serious outreach with Latino’s and African-Americans if they want to rebuild and become a force again. Their politics of fear and exclusion will only widen the chasm that they have created. They might consider tearing a page out of the Obama playbook and start at the grass roots level if they are to be competitive in the future; Just a thought.


Sarah Palin and the Media

Sarah Palin entered the American Body politic amid much hoopla and fanfare. The honeymoon was short and sweet. She immediately became America’s sweetheart after the Republican National Convention. The honeymoon didn’t last long.

After the initial Katie Couric interview it became obvious why her handlers were keeping her under raps. After a series of missteps, bad facts and rambling answers she became a laughing stock. The only big winner in her selection as candidate for VP was Tina Fey! Her depiction of Sarah Palin was dead on accurate and hilarious! I almost feel sorry for her.

There has been a lot of banter about how she has been mistreated by the media. They were tough on her. However, asking about what the Vice Presidents job is was a fair question. She was asked questions that you would have asked any candidate. Her lack of qualification screamed out to the American electorate! Our nation was spared potential disaster by the defeat of the GOP.

The latest fiasco involved Gov. Palin giving a turkey a pardon in Alaska at a turkey farm. Even that was botched! As she pardoned the turkey and was giving an interview a farmhand could be seen in the background dispatching a turkey! Talk about a public relations disaster! Poor Sarah, she is the embodiment of Murphy’s Law.


Countdown Nine Days!

With endorsements coming by the hour, Paling going “rogue” and the implosion in the McCain campaign, victory is around the corner! The Obama campaign is smart enough not to make the same mistakes as past democratic candidates. They are working down to the wire. With all the discontent at the republican party, the war and the economy it seems like to electorate is willing to look past Obama’s race and vote in their own self interests.

While you will always have the racist fringe, most Americans seems to have gotten past the racial politics of the past. Barak Obama is truly a  transformational figure as Colin Powell stated in his Meet the Press interview. He is the breath of fresh air our country needs. Finally we can be seen around the world who has truly lived up to its promise of the American dream. The cowboy diplomacy of the Bush administration is about to ride into the sunset as a new political era in American politics dawns.

Mr. Obama’s world wide appeal will work to America’s benefit. The world is interconnected now and the politics of division can no longer function on the world stage. It is in the worlds and our nation’s best interest to work bilaterally. Under an Obama administration we will regain our standing as an example of what is possible in the world. We will be able to have a collegial relationship with our allies around the world. We should all rejoice as a new day dawns in the body politic.