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Steve Jobs Legacy

"Steve Jobs Innovations"
Steve Jobs Legacy

Steve Jobs lived an incredible life. Much will be written about his legacy and the indelible imprint he left on this life. He is arguably one of the most visionary men of our century. He did for technology what Henry Ford and Thomas Edison had done in the previous century with industry.

Steve Jobs redefined “cross-over” appeal. People of all races, languages and cultures embraced him as the change agent he was. There has been much written about his mercurial temper and his pursuit of the next big thing.

His ability to bring disparate groups of people together via technology and his inventions far surpasses any other human being on the planet. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Democrats and Republicans could do the same? Better yet; the Republicans and President Obama?



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Rick Perry & N.A.R.

Rick Perry and NAR
Rick Perry drank the Kool Aid

America would become a theocracy under Rick Perry.

Rick Perry appears to be an astute politician, the problem is, his involvement with The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). To say that their ideology is far right is an understatement. They are so far right they make the Tea Party look liberal. NAR is under the belief that if they can convert enough Jews to Christianity they can expedite the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The founding fathers were right to call for separation of church and state. It appears they want to bring America into a right-wing, evangelical theocracy. It’s amazing that most of the American electorate is not aware of Rick Perry’s involvement in this underground, yet powerful movement. As the Republican field gets ready to intensify the battle for their parties nomination, this revelation will more than likely knock Rick Perry out of the race.

NAR has the belief that somehow Democrats are Satan worshipers because of their tolerance to gays. And that Oprah Winfrey is the Anti-Christ? Really? Are you beginning to see how dangerous this group is? They’ve even gone as far to recruit Black pastors to preach to their congregations about the evils of the Democratic party! Absolutely amazing, isn’t it? They absolutely frown on any form of tolerance.

They promote “spiritual warfare” being fought for the souls of those who want to go up in the “rapture.” They believe in fighting evil “principalities” that will wage war in the end times. NAR has a cadre of Messianic Jews, who have converted to Christianity to proselytize Jews and convert them. According to NAR the beast is among us and will fight to defeat and repel the second coming of Jesus in the end times.

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Charlie Rangels Dramatic Rise and Fall

This is truly a sad day for America. I have always had a lot of respect for Charlie Rangel. This is truly an American tragedy! I remember Rep. Rangel telling the story of how he endured three nights in sub zero cold in Korea during the Korean war and helping save three of his fellow soldiers during a difficult mission. He earned a purple heart and bronze star for his sacrifice and bravery.  He stated that after having survived that he has never had a bad day. I’m sure he’s having to reevaluate that feeling.

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Is the Honeymoon over for Barack Obama?

In recent weeks disgraced Governor, Blagojevich has raised doubt about president elect Obama’s boy scout image. It appears that Mr. Obama and none of his staff had contact or dealings with the governor. Mr. Blagojevich is exactly the type of politician we don’t need right now. The country and the world is in crisis and we need a new type of leadership.

President elect Obama is that type of leadership. While I am sure that Mr. Obama’s innocence and distance from the governor will be brought out. It’s a distraction none the less! As you might have imagined, I’m an unapologetic supporter of president elect Obama.

The republicans are taking this story and running with it! Yes, we know all about the rough and tumble style of politics in Chicago. The governor represents the old guard that is slowly dying out in Chicago. A new day has dawn in Chicago and across the nation. It’s Barack Obama!