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Lebron James

"Lebron James, is he as good as Michael Jordan"
Lebron James is he as good as Michael Jordan?

Why we Hate Him – As the NBA Championship winds down, much is being said about the games premier player. Lebron James is the man we all love to hate. Much like overweight women hate Barbie. He has athletic ability others would kill for. He makes it all look so easy. His swagger, his I’m going to do it my way has everyone in a lather. There in lies the problem. Lebron James is one of those black men who forgot “his place.” And a lot of people are not happy with that. This writer says, you go Lebron – keep it up!

Admittedly, Lebron Jame’s hastily planned, televised announcement of where he was going to go was tacky. It was a great example of, how NOT to announce your departure from a team that was desperate to keep you at all costs. Part of Lebron James public relations debacle lies in how his reality television type announcement was done. It ruffled feathers among NBA fans and teams alike.

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