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Mitt Romney’s 47 Percent

Mitt Romney's 47%
Mitt Romney’s comments on the 47% will hurt him in November.

Ever since Mitt Romney’s infamous comment about the 47% tongues have been wagging, and it’s not all good. Romney is notorious for political mis-speak. This comment is the latest example of his political ineptness. The good thing is, he has shown his true colors and what he truly believes. Many who support him now feel alienated, because many of them are part of the 47% That Mr. Romney looks down on from on high.

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Todd Akin

Todd Akin is toast!
Todd Akin has insulted women everywhere!

The gift that keeps giving

The Republicans hit an all time low in the persona of Todd Akin, who made the outrageous claim that a woman could not get pregnant if she was raped. This incredibly stupid remark created a firestorm of controversy. His behavior and words were so damning that his fellow Republicans begged him [Akin] not to show his face at the GOP convention this weekend.

Mr. Akin is not alone in showing poor judgement and words. This is only another example of anti-woman rhetoric that has become common place among the GOP. Women are leaving the ranks of the GOP in droves! All of this ultimately plays right into the hands of Pres. Obama and his re-election bid.

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Gabrielle Giffords Vote

Gabrielle Giffords is humble servant
Gabrielle Giffords is a good example

This past week when Congress passed raising the debt limit, it was a triumphant time for the American people. The surprise appearance by Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was a moment that both Congress and the American people needed. In her brief appearance before Congress to cast her vote in favor of raising the debt limit, she gave both houses of Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike a lesson in civility. Her strength and resolve to make the trip to Washington to cast her vote spoke volumes to all Americans. Congresswoman Giffords is a charming and humble public servant. The rest of Congress could learn a lesson from Gabrielle Giffords. Amid much rancor and acrimony, Gabrielle Giffords’ presence seemed to help calm the divide between those factions feuding over the debt limit increase.

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President Obama and Republicans

President Barack Obama
Can Pres Obama work with Republicans

Pres. Barack Obama and Republicans have had a contentious relationship to say the least. In the past few weeks the American public has been inundated with the ongoing drama regarding the debt ceiling. President Obama has done everything except use bleach to gain consensus from the Republicans. It appears that they are dead set on no, no matter what President Obama does.

To understand the Republicans resistance and recalcitrance on raising the debt limit, one must go back to the first President Bush. Many Americans may recall the first president Bush and his no new taxes pledge. Mr. Bush gained infamy for his campaign slogan, “read my lips.” As history shows, it wasn’t too long after Mr. Bush was in office, he was forced to raise taxes. This was a big part of the reason why he lost favor with Americans in general, and the Republican Party in particular.

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Sarah Palin Campaign

Sarah Palin Campaign – I’m kidding! This is a tongue in cheek music video by D.C. Douglas lampooing a Sarah Palin / Michele Bachman ticket. I’m sure the Tea Party / Tea Baggers are working on this as we speak. The second video is by Lester and Charlie, political satirists lampooning how bats*&^ Michele Bachman is, with her insane cry of “Let’s take back America!” It’s hilarious, give it a listen!

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Sarah Palin 2012 – I Don’t Think So!

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin a non-issue in 2012?

Now that we have your attention, keep checking for our next article that explains why President Obama will get reelected and why the Republicans will fall short. Sarah Palin’s star is fading and she has become a non-entity. Everyone is breathing heavy for Mitt Romney, he won’t win either. Most of the GOP hopefuls have too much baggage, we’ll explain in our upcoming article. Look for our new article by weeks end!


Will we see a Sarah Palin convention speech in 2012 or listen to Sarah Palin speech audio, highly unlikely at this point.

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Why Wisconsin Matters and Scott Walker is Wrong

Article first published as Why Wisconsin Matters and Scott Walker is Wrong on Technorati.

Scott Walker Union buster?
Scott Walker is wrong
Last week when Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin signed a bill limiting collective bargaining rights of most state workers it ushered in a new era of acrimony. What was particularly troubling, is he (Scott Walker) and his republican colleagues did so in the middle of the night without a quorum and Democratic representatives who were absent.

As they left the state capital they were greeted with chants of Shame, Shame, Shame! The controversy reached fever pitch as Republican Senate Majority Leader, Scott Fitzgerald received death threats, which described in detail how he would be killed. It’s safe to say that things got way out of hand.

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Herman Cain – Who is he?

"Tea party loves Herman Cain"
Herman Cain is Tea Party Favorite

Herman Cain

From all accounts the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza is the embodiment of the American dream. He has come a long way to reach the promised land that all of us seek in America. This article isn’t so much about Herman Cain as much as the agenda of the tea party and the far right to use him as the anti-racist antidote against charges of racism leveled at the tea party.

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Gun Control Solution

Automatic Weapons - Guns
Guns do kill people!

I’m literally on a flight back to Los Angeles from Phoenix , Arizona as I write this post. Being a native son of the state, I’m conflicted about the states position state’s position on a lot of controversial social and political issues. In light of the recent tragedy in Tucson, I was motivated to deal with the issue of gun control or the lack thereof. As a liberal republican and Obama republican, I felt it was my duty to address this issue.

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Sarah Palin and 2012

Sarah Palin is somewhat of an enigma to most Americans. She is not even vaguely qualified to run for the highest office in the land, yet she pursues it. You have to give her credit for the chutzpah she has. If it’s one thing she is not lacking it’s self confidence!

Most reasonable people want their president / leaders to be smarter than them. Sarah Palin’s lack of intellectual ability leaves much to be desired. Obama Republicans, Liberal Republicans and Recovering Republicans cringe at the notion of her ever occupying the white house. Mainstream Republicans for that matter put plenty of distance between themselves and Sarah Palin.

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