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Gun Control and African Americans

black panthers

An inconvenient truth about gun control

As we continue to endure more frequent horrific shootings, the debate rages on about gun control. Should we focus on getting rid of high capacity assault weapons or look more closely at mental health issues.

There is a curious history about gun control and how it was enacted in California. Ironically, California has some of the strongest gun control laws in the nation. Very few people are aware of the evolution of California’s tough gun control laws and how they came to be.

During the 60’s the Black Panthers were professing their second amendment rights to protect themselves from a tyrannical government (Police) that could not or would not protect them. Does this narrative sound familiar to you?

If you recall, the Oakland Police Department was wreaking havoc on the inner-city, most notably the African-American community. Huey Newton, one of the founders of the Black Panther Party was a law student who carried a copy of the United States constitution with him to advise the black citizenry of Oakland of their constitutional rights during frequent police stops.

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Should Armed Citizens Be Allowed To Carry Near the President?

The following is a letter that was sent to CNN’s Jack Cafferty by one of our viewers. I agree with him wholeheartedly!


I am embarrassed to acknowledge I live in Phoenix and knuckleheads like that one are allowed near a Presidential event with an assault rifle. I can’t believe while Dubya was in office, people would be forced by the Secret Service or Republican operatives to leave events for simply having an anti-Bush bumper sticker on their cars or an anti-Bush t-shirt…and yet, twice now, we’ve allowed these idiots alarmingly close access to the president.

This is a disaster waiting to happen…

I wonder what would happen if someone and a half-dozen of their friends showed up at a Bush/McCain/Cheney/Rove/Republican du jour event with assault weapons…somehow I seriously doubt they [armed citizens] would be allowed anywhere near them… Why is it ok for this kind of access to our first biracial president?

Andy Rodriguez-McCradic