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Mother Emanuel Massacre

Emanuel AME Church
A place of love and resolve.

The horrific massacre at Mother Emanuel last week is yet another reminder that we are not living in a post-racial society. The loss of nine innocent souls, including its charismatic pastor, Clementa Pinckney was truly tragic.The media is tripping over themselves not to call this a terrorist attack or a racist hate crime. Fox news is spinning the narrative as an attack on Christianity. Let’s call a spade a spade. The 21 year old racist targeted Emanuel AME specifically to “kill black people.” How much more evidence do you need? Our reluctance as a society to call it what is only speaks to our deep denial about racism in America.

America has been unrepentant in acknowledging it’s original sin: slavery. Therein lies the problem. Whenever I have a discussion with white colleagues on this topic, their response is always, slavery has nothing to do with today’s problem. My retort is, it has everything to do with our interactions today. We are seeing the vestiges of this evil institution play out almost on a daily basis in America. For example: Racial profiling by the police, police shootings of unarmed black men and women, being followed in stores, whites locking car doors when they see black men, black teenagers brutally handled at a pool party because racist white neighbors thought to many black children were someplace they didn’t belong. I could go on and on. You get the idea.

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Should Armed Citizens Be Allowed To Carry Near the President?

The following is a letter that was sent to CNN’s Jack Cafferty by one of our viewers. I agree with him wholeheartedly!


I am embarrassed to acknowledge I live in Phoenix and knuckleheads like that one are allowed near a Presidential event with an assault rifle. I can’t believe while Dubya was in office, people would be forced by the Secret Service or Republican operatives to leave events for simply having an anti-Bush bumper sticker on their cars or an anti-Bush t-shirt…and yet, twice now, we’ve allowed these idiots alarmingly close access to the president.

This is a disaster waiting to happen…

I wonder what would happen if someone and a half-dozen of their friends showed up at a Bush/McCain/Cheney/Rove/Republican du jour event with assault weapons…somehow I seriously doubt they [armed citizens] would be allowed anywhere near them… Why is it ok for this kind of access to our first biracial president?

Andy Rodriguez-McCradic