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Herman Cain – Barack Obama

Can you imagine a Cain - Obama Faceoff?
Cain - Obama in 2012?

Raising Cain

Herman Cain, in-spite of his recent surge to the top of the Republican heep, is seen as a dark-horse (pardon the pun) candidate. Given the way the rest of the field is imploding, I wouldn’t count Mr. Cain out so fast!

Mitt Romney has held the number spot for weeks now and it’s still not enough to satisfy the GOP. They are pole-vaulting over Mr. Romney in search of a conservative messiah they feel confident who will be able to beat President Obama.

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Herman Cain and GOP

Article first published as Herman Cain and GOP on Technorati.

"Herman Cain can he win"
Herman Cain

Herman Cain officially announced he was running as a Republican for the 2012 presidential race. Already he’s meeting resistance from the GOP establishment. He is catching criticism from the likes of Tim Pawlenty and Karl Rove, who are dismissing his campaign as “entertainment.” Mr. Cain is the former Deputy Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and CEO of Godfathers Pizza.

While Herman Cain is wildly popular in many conservative circles, he is being dismissed by establishment conservative pols. This is not surprising given the backlash at having an incumbent Black president and the acrimony surrounding Michael Steele’s departure as Chairman of the Republican National Committee [RNC].

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Herman Cain – Who is he?

"Tea party loves Herman Cain"
Herman Cain is Tea Party Favorite

Herman Cain

From all accounts the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza is the embodiment of the American dream. He has come a long way to reach the promised land that all of us seek in America. This article isn’t so much about Herman Cain as much as the agenda of the tea party and the far right to use him as the anti-racist antidote against charges of racism leveled at the tea party.

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