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Latinos and Immigration

Brian Sandoval will not help Latinos
Brian Sandoval doesn't have Latino interests at heart!
Is the GOP using Latino Politicians as a shill?

As we get closer to the election of 2012, Republicans have awoken suddenly to realize that they really need the Latino vote! The Republicans never fail to amaze. they’ve kicked, browbeat and insulted the Latino electorate and now are looking for their support. Really? It may be a little too late, even if there may be some in the Latino community who may set out the 2012 election because of the Democrats failure to address immigration reform.

There’s been a lot of talk about the recent Republican effort to win over Latino voting support. While it may be admirable for the GOP to make an attempt to reach out to Latinos during a presidential election year, I’m afraid that their efforts will be fruitless until they reverse the actions of their dismal record regarding last December’s 2010 dream act vote. It takes a lot of nerve to diss and entire electorate, and then turn around and ask for their support; that takes the proverbial “cojones.”

The dream act would’ve helped thousands of young Latinos realize the American dream by getting a good education. This writer sees it as a win-win. Helping young people who ended up in America through no fault of their own, gaining higher education and securing their place in productive society. Who would be against that? The Republicans that’s who!


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Latinos Obama and GOP

Cecilia Munoz
Cecilia Munoz, Dir Inter-Govt Affairs - White House

The 2012 election will be interesting indeed. With so much going on in the country and in the Congress at this point; where do we have time to talk about immigration? When the 2012 campaign ramps up into full gear, there are a few unresolved issues that will surface to the fore as things get going. Pres. Obama will have his hands full. There’s the nagging issue of what to do about immigration and how to appease Latino voters.

The Latino electorate does not trust Republicans and are frustrated with president Obama. In recent weeks president Obama made a trip which turns out to be a campaign stop in Puerto Rico. He’s the first president since Pres. Kennedy to visit the island. He was greeted with much fanfare and exuberance as the partisan Puerto Rican crowd showed President Obama affection and approval.


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Obama and Immigration Reform

"Obama and Latino Vote"
Obama – Latino vote key in 2012!

Immigration, immigration laws, illegal immigration and immigration reform won’t stay in the background for much longer. It’s not about republicans or democrats, it’s about trying to get our arms around some type of comprehensive immigration reform. It’s had to take a back seat to other pressing issues in our country as of late. President Obama has promised to address this urgent issue.

Current immigration law is very harsh, especially for those with criminal records; we need immigration reform. While I’m a liberal on the issue of immigrants and immigration; I’m in full support of deporting dangerous criminals. Immigration laws have been on the books in the United States going back to 1798 that ushered in the Alien Act known as the Alien and Sedition Laws, which empowered the President to expel any alien, or non-citizen, he deemed dangerous.

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Sonia Sotomayor – Is Justice Truly Blind?

sotomahorIn the wake of Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s nominations there has been much ado about her qualifications. One sentence from a remark she made about being a Latina having more insight and sensitivity than a white male has caused a firestorm of controversy. Much to the chagrin of the GOP there’s not much dirt they can dig up on this infinitely qualified Supreme Court candidate.

She [Sonia Sotomayor] has a stellar record on the bench and has sided many times with the prosecution on her cases. Yes, she is a liberal but not some crazed radical that will try to make the law from the bench. She has impeccable credentials and a moving American story. Her rise from the projects out of the Bronx to her rise as an Ivy League judge is no small feat and it plays well in the media.

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