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Immigration Reform – The Time is Now!

"Obama needs to act on immigration reform"
Obama will win Immigration Reform

As the presidential campaign starts to take flight, President Obama is calling for much needed immigration reform. With no clear Republican candidates who have officially thrown their hat in the ring, President Obama has a clear head start on his re-election bid.

After a very successful week in the wake of the killing of Bin Laden and Donald Trumps poll numbers imploding, President Obama’s re-election prospects look very good indeed. Obama has a decidedly strong advantage over the Republican field on this hot-button topic. He is perceived as a “friendly” and not a hostile combatant as the Republicans are.

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Obama 2012 – The Latino Vote

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"Obama and Latino Vote"
Obama - Latino vote key in 2012!

Obama 2012 – President Obama officially announced he is running for re-election this past week. The Republicans are frothing at the mouth to beat him. One problem however, he really has a great chance at winning re-election. Obama is sure bet to get the Latino vote in 2012.

The Latino vote will be a huge factor in who wins. The Republicans realize that they need this valuable constituency if they want to take back the white house. One problem, all polls show that Latinos heavily favor Barack Obama. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed. The Dream Act’s failure is where everyone missed the boat including the democrats. President Obama should have been a more vocal supporter of the Dream Act. Republicans were down right hostile towards this legislation. This would have allowed the children of undocumented immigrants to attend college in the U.S. We missed a great opportunity.

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Republicans and Latinos

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Virgil Peck hates Latinos
Virgil Peck hates Latinos

Just when I thought I had heard it all, another conservative white guy tops the last idiot that says something goofy! I don’t know if I’m appalled,angry, surprised or what. It’s simply amazing to me. The Republican party’s tent keeps shrinking with each gaffe and insensitive remark. It’s absolutely amazing! The GOP’s “big tent” has turned into a circus!


They don’t seem to think that Republicans and Latinos go together. At least with former President Bush, he reached out to Latinos. His Attorney General was Latino as well as several members of his cabinet. His brother, Jeb Bush Gov. of Florida is married to a Latina and they aggressively sought their participation in the party.

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OPINION – Are Latinos White People?

Are Latinos white? As much as I’m offended by the term “illegal alien” and as much as I’m an advocate of people from any part of this hemisphere running amok throughout the United States freely, I must admit that I was amazed but not amused that there was an outcry among Latinos about a mural painted in Arizona that depicted them in a way that was, in their words, “too dark”.

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Joe Arpaio America’s Sheriff

Immigration debate has intensified as of late in Phoenix Arizona. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is regarded as the ultimate law enforcement officer when it comes to illegal immigration. This man seems to go above and beyond the call to harass and intimidate and persecute Arizona’s undocumented population. He is scorned by the likes of the ACLU and other civil rights organizations. But he is hailed as a hero by the hard right who believe that the undocumented alien is affecting the quality of life in the Phoenix area.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio likes to brag that he has been reelected five times in Maricopa County. Unfortunately there is a hard-core racist anti-immigrant faction in Arizona as well as other parts of the country that see Sheriff Arpaio as some sort of hero. I have had the opportunity to listen to Sheriff Joe Arpaio on several occasions on podcasts news programs and each time during interviews he is very recalcitrant, defensive and most importantly an unrepentant oppressor of undocumented aliens in Maricopa County Arizona.

My question is how much longer this will go on? As long as you have a faction of the population who sees this man is eligible for sainthood in his relentless pursuit of undocumented aliens. It appears that Mr. Joe Arpaio has shredded the United States Constitution and thumbed his nose at federal authorities. This is being perceived by most sane people as extreme anti-immigration persecution.

I believe at some point Sheriff Arpaio will be held to account for these racial profiling type raids that he conducts on anyone looking Hispanic or appears to be undocumented. There’ve been countless reports that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his goon squad kicked down doors hauling off legal residents as well as some undocumented in these raids. Countless people have come forward showing that they are legal residents of Maricopa County and were unfortunate enough to be in the crosshairs of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s anti-immigrant posse.

At some point Sheriff Joe Arpaio will cross the line and he will be brought to justice are held to account for his actions. Moreover, it will force the Obama administration to look at and review current immigration policy or reform. The dialogue on immigration has taken a backseat to more pressing issues like two wars the economy and health reform. I’m sure sooner or later immigration reform will be brought back to the fore. Ironically, Mr. Joe Arapaio’s parents were both immigrants to this county! Go figure.