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Lebron James

"Lebron James, is he as good as Michael Jordan"
Lebron James is he as good as Michael Jordan?

Why we Hate Him – As the NBA Championship winds down, much is being said about the games premier player. Lebron James is the man we all love to hate. Much like overweight women hate Barbie. He has athletic ability others would kill for. He makes it all look so easy. His swagger, his I’m going to do it my way has everyone in a lather. There in lies the problem. Lebron James is one of those black men who forgot “his place.” And a lot of people are not happy with that. This writer says, you go Lebron – keep it up!

Admittedly, Lebron Jame’s hastily planned, televised announcement of where he was going to go was tacky. It was a great example of, how NOT to announce your departure from a team that was desperate to keep you at all costs. Part of Lebron James public relations debacle lies in how his reality television type announcement was done. It ruffled feathers among NBA fans and teams alike.

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2012 Election will be Ugly

"2012 election racist rancor"
2012 election will be nasty

White rage and a dearth of new Republican ideas should result in a noxious and racially tinged 2012 election campaign next year.

As many a would-be prophet can attest, predicting the future is one surefire way of making yourself look ridiculous. When your prognostication goes wrong, the only ones who look sillier than you are those who believed in the forecast.

Take, for example, radio Bible thumper Harold Camping, who whipped legions of evangelical Christians into a frenzy by claiming that the rapture, in which the faithful would be literally spirited up into heaven, was going to take place last Saturday. Lo and behold, we — and he — are still here. But instead of curing Camping of being a seer, that seemingly incontrovertible piece of evidence only forced him to revise his schedule. He now says the end of the world will take place on Oct. 21, and I hope he is right.

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John Lewis – Immigration New Civil Rights Battle

"John Lewis civil rights icon"
John Lewis Civil Rights Icon

John Lewis – During the week of May 22-26, hundreds of Americans are expected to converge in Jackson, Miss., to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Rides. Between May and December of 1961, the nonviolent protest against segregation in the Deep South — which continued despite the Supreme Court’s outlawing of such practices — saw 436 black and white young people riding interstate buses together through the South, testing segregation laws.

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Hopkins – McNabb and Willful Ignorance

"House slave or field slave"
Class riff still strong in Black Community

Published on The Root (http://www.theroot.com)

McNabb vs Hopkins. It’s time to end the “house vs. field” debate among African Americans.

Here we go again. Just two months after ESPN’s The Fab Five documentary sparked a controversy involving Jalen Rose and Grant Hill, we’ve suffered another instance of black athletes sorting our dirty laundry in public. This time it’s boxer Bernard Hopkins, who claims in a recent Philadelphia Daily News article that Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb isn’t black enough.

“He’s got a suntan. That’s all,” said the boxer during press day at his gym. Hopkins further implied that McNabb’s privileged upbringing set him up for a rude awakening when the Philadelphia Eagles traded him to the Washington Redskins last year. “Why do you think McNabb felt he was betrayed? Because McNabb is the guy in the house, while everybody else is on the field. He’s the one who got the extra coat. The extra servings. ‘You’re our boy,’ ” Hopkins said, patting a reporter on the back to illustrate his point. “He thought he was one of them.”

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The Civil War and America

"Civil War starts at Ft Sumter"
Ft Sumter fires first shots of Civil War

As we commemorate (not celebrate) the 150th anniversary of the civil war in America, I ponder the words of the great southern historian and author, Shelby Foote, who once said, “You can’t know America unless you understand the civil war.” He was very accurate in his assessment. Many people lambaste African-Americans for “whining” about slavery. The truth of the matter is, the vestiges of this “peculiar institution” are with us to this very day. That’s why will NEVER be a post-racial society. Race and class are embedded in our DNA.


The first shot of the civil war at Fort Sumter is still being heard all over America. Our media, our co-workers, job and mortgage applications all want to know our race, ethnic background etc. It’s interwoven deep within our core as Americans. We are color-struck to the 10th power and don’t want to acknowledge or recognize it.

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Sarah Palin Campaign

Sarah Palin Campaign – I’m kidding! This is a tongue in cheek music video by D.C. Douglas lampooing a Sarah Palin / Michele Bachman ticket. I’m sure the Tea Party / Tea Baggers are working on this as we speak. The second video is by Lester and Charlie, political satirists lampooning how bats*&^ Michele Bachman is, with her insane cry of “Let’s take back America!” It’s hilarious, give it a listen!

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Sarah Palin 2012 – I Don’t Think So!

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin a non-issue in 2012?

Now that we have your attention, keep checking for our next article that explains why President Obama will get reelected and why the Republicans will fall short. Sarah Palin’s star is fading and she has become a non-entity. Everyone is breathing heavy for Mitt Romney, he won’t win either. Most of the GOP hopefuls have too much baggage, we’ll explain in our upcoming article. Look for our new article by weeks end!


Will we see a Sarah Palin convention speech in 2012 or listen to Sarah Palin speech audio, highly unlikely at this point.

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African Americans and Irish

Blacks and the Irish
African-Americans and the Irish

Faith and Begorrah, it’s St. Patricks Day! Even though St. Patricks Day is not associated with African Americans and Irish, we celebrate it just as hard as anyone else! In fact, those of us who may have Irish blood in our ancestry are quite proud of it and announce it to the world. Of course most African-Americans have white blood in them from various white ethnic groups as a result of a female ancestor being raped by the slave master; Nothing to be proud of.

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Peter King is Wrong

Peter King is a racist
Peter King is an Islamaphobe

Peter King has earned his place in infamy this past week as he opens investigations on radical Muslims. This hearkens back to a shameful era in American history. Senator Joseph McCarthy’s house investigations on Un-American Activities Committee investigated perceived communists. Republicans and Democrats should stand against this type of overt racism against American Muslims.

Mr. King’s zeal in going after “radicalized” Muslims rings as disingenuous given his past ties to terrorists in Ireland. Of course the right is in support of this under the guise of “protecting Americans.” Racism and xenophobia, not to mention serious Islamophobia will allow this witch hunt to continue. There are better ways to deal with “radicalization” of American Muslims.

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