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Heritage or Hate?

Confederate flag symbol of hate?
Heritage or Hate?

There is no other icon in America that evokes as much emotion and controversy as the Confederate flag. We fought a civil war over it, we fight a cultural war over it to this day. To some, it’s a symbol of heritage, to others it’s a symbol of hate.

To this day, several Southern states conspicuously show the stars and bars in their state flag. What’s puzzling is, why would you want to celebrate a war that you lost? most politicians from the south and the north as well are very reluctant to offer their opinion publicly about the Confederate flag. If this was just an innocent symbol of heritage, then why would you go mum and not discuss it publicly?



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Republican Party and Indiana’s Political Legacy

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Mitch Daniles 2012?
Will Mitch Daniels run in 2012

As the Republican Party prepares to select a candidate they feel can beat President Obama in 2012, they have several viable candidates in mind. One is Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana. Gov. Daniels was lauded for his speech at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) in Washington D.C. last month. Which was heavy on dire talk about the state of the economy. He won kudos from conservative stalwarts such as George Will. When asked if he was considering a run for the presidency in 2012 on Meet the Press, he responded with, “I’ve agreed to consider it.” The Republican party needs to commit.

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