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Latinos Obama and GOP

Cecilia Munoz
Cecilia Munoz, Dir Inter-Govt Affairs - White House

The 2012 election will be interesting indeed. With so much going on in the country and in the Congress at this point; where do we have time to talk about immigration? When the 2012 campaign ramps up into full gear, there are a few unresolved issues that will surface to the fore as things get going. Pres. Obama will have his hands full. There’s the nagging issue of what to do about immigration and how to appease Latino voters.

The Latino electorate does not trust Republicans and are frustrated with president Obama. In recent weeks president Obama made a trip which turns out to be a campaign stop in Puerto Rico. He’s the first president since Pres. Kennedy to visit the island. He was greeted with much fanfare and exuberance as the partisan Puerto Rican crowd showed President Obama affection and approval.


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Immigration Reform – The Time is Now!

"Obama needs to act on immigration reform"
Obama will win Immigration Reform

As the presidential campaign starts to take flight, President Obama is calling for much needed immigration reform. With no clear Republican candidates who have officially thrown their hat in the ring, President Obama has a clear head start on his re-election bid.

After a very successful week in the wake of the killing of Bin Laden and Donald Trumps poll numbers imploding, President Obama’s re-election prospects look very good indeed. Obama has a decidedly strong advantage over the Republican field on this hot-button topic. He is perceived as a “friendly” and not a hostile combatant as the Republicans are.

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Obama 2012 – Why He Will Get Re-elected

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President Barack Obama
Can Pres Obama work with Republicans

Obama 2012! President Barack Obama will get reelected! Some on the right will take this prediction as political heresy. If the economy continues to improve, unemployment goes down and we save face in Libya, Obama will win reelection; barring anymore global catastrophes. The main reason Obama will win reelectionare the potential Republican candidates that will oppose him.

The electorate will ultimately vote their pocketbooks and their best interests; at least the sane ones will. The other tangible or intangible depending, on your point of view is Obama’s charisma and his squeaky clean (scandal proof) image. Love him or hate him, he is a fine father, husband, has superior intellect and is a man of unimpeachable integrity who seems to stay above the fray of petty partisan bickering. In the final analysis, people like those qualities in their leaders and trust them. Everyone realizes that President Obama inherited a mess unlike any of his predecessors. Two wars and an economy on the verge of total meltdown. All things considered, he [Obama] has done an admirable job. His ratings in the polls have been fair to good. If things continue to improve look for a second term. Let’s take a look at those who are vying for the GOP nod in 2012.

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