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Summers Eve Racist Commercial

Commercials in American culture are wildly popular and very creative. However, when the commercial goes south, as they often do, the results can be disastrous. Case in point, the recent commercial by Summer’s Eve the maker of feminine hygiene products.

Recently, Summers Eve took a stab at marketing to African-American and Latina women. Needless to say, this advertising campaign went south, no pun intended. It was bad enough that they were hands which posed as talking vaginas. Then sprinkle a little blatant stereotype to the mix, and it was a recipe for disaster. The Latina vagina talked about giving birth to many children and losing the tacky leopard thong.

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John Lewis – Immigration New Civil Rights Battle

"John Lewis civil rights icon"
John Lewis Civil Rights Icon

John Lewis – During the week of May 22-26, hundreds of Americans are expected to converge in Jackson, Miss., to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Rides. Between May and December of 1961, the nonviolent protest against segregation in the Deep South — which continued despite the Supreme Court’s outlawing of such practices — saw 436 black and white young people riding interstate buses together through the South, testing segregation laws.

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Obama 2012 – The Latino Vote

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"Obama and Latino Vote"
Obama - Latino vote key in 2012!

Obama 2012 – President Obama officially announced he is running for re-election this past week. The Republicans are frothing at the mouth to beat him. One problem however, he really has a great chance at winning re-election. Obama is sure bet to get the Latino vote in 2012.

The Latino vote will be a huge factor in who wins. The Republicans realize that they need this valuable constituency if they want to take back the white house. One problem, all polls show that Latinos heavily favor Barack Obama. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed. The Dream Act’s failure is where everyone missed the boat including the democrats. President Obama should have been a more vocal supporter of the Dream Act. Republicans were down right hostile towards this legislation. This would have allowed the children of undocumented immigrants to attend college in the U.S. We missed a great opportunity.

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President Obama is a Natural-Born Citizen

Let’s all take a big deep cleansing breath, Pres. Barack Obama is a natural-born American citizen. All of this controversy surrounding President Obama is really getting nauseating. After a heated debate on the view today between Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Trump, and amidst much acrimony; the debate is still not settled. Whoopi Goldberg brought up a good point. When was the last time they asked a white president for his birth certificate? So why the urgency to see an Obama birth certificate?

What makes this notion insane regarding President Obama’s citizenship, is the fact that the vetting process is so intense, intrusive and thorough. Anyone with any shred of common sense has got to realize, that being the first black president not only was he vetted, they were probably trying to find any type of dirty laundry which would have disqualified then, candidate Obama.

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Republicans and Latinos

Article first published as Republicans and Latinos on Technorati.

Virgil Peck hates Latinos
Virgil Peck hates Latinos

Just when I thought I had heard it all, another conservative white guy tops the last idiot that says something goofy! I don’t know if I’m appalled,angry, surprised or what. It’s simply amazing to me. The Republican party’s tent keeps shrinking with each gaffe and insensitive remark. It’s absolutely amazing! The GOP’s “big tent” has turned into a circus!


They don’t seem to think that Republicans and Latinos go together. At least with former President Bush, he reached out to Latinos. His Attorney General was Latino as well as several members of his cabinet. His brother, Jeb Bush Gov. of Florida is married to a Latina and they aggressively sought their participation in the party.

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Sensible Immigration Reform

"Obama needs to act on immigration reform"
Obama will win Immigration Reform
I must admit I’m a little disappointed that President Obama hasn’t pursued comprehensive immigration reform more aggressively. It seems that it’s almost impossible to have a civil debate on this pressing issue given all of the emotion and visceral reaction to the perceived taking over of America by all these Mexicans entering our country.

As a recovering Republican, I say that with tongue-in-cheek, immigration reform is a whole lot more complicated than that. The majority of America’s xenophobia and obsession with Latinos crossing the borders is almost comical. Yes we have the drug cartels, the war on drugs and illegal drugs. But there’s so much more to the issue than Latinos in general and Mexicans in particular crossing our border.

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Obama and Immigration Reform

"Obama and Latino Vote"
Obama – Latino vote key in 2012!

Immigration, immigration laws, illegal immigration and immigration reform won’t stay in the background for much longer. It’s not about republicans or democrats, it’s about trying to get our arms around some type of comprehensive immigration reform. It’s had to take a back seat to other pressing issues in our country as of late. President Obama has promised to address this urgent issue.

Current immigration law is very harsh, especially for those with criminal records; we need immigration reform. While I’m a liberal on the issue of immigrants and immigration; I’m in full support of deporting dangerous criminals. Immigration laws have been on the books in the United States going back to 1798 that ushered in the Alien Act known as the Alien and Sedition Laws, which empowered the President to expel any alien, or non-citizen, he deemed dangerous.

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Immigration and the Dream Act

Immigration activists who support the dream act suffered a crushing defeat in the Senate this past week. While it seemed like a good idea in the house; GOP Senators delivered a coup d’état. Several Republican senators successfully mounted a filibuster that killed the dream act. Dozens of young activists crowded the galleries above the Senate floor in support of the bill, many wearing college graduation mortar boards (not yet U.S. citizens) some held hands as senators cast their votes.

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